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I'm hardly ever on this forum, but I can't eat gluten either. I don't know if I have full-on Celiac or if I'm just gluten intolerant. I have insurance but I can't afford the tests. Besides I have no desire to go back to eating gluten. Also, from what I've read it can take YEARS to be properly diagnosed. I don't need a doctor to tell me how crummy I feel when I eat it.
I'm still new to it though, only been eating GF for a little less than a month or so. It's not easy, especially if like me, you live in a hick town in the south where EVERYTHING comes with bread. Eating out is a pain, I've met one waitress who knew what gluten was. Most of the time when I tell them I get the deer in headlights look. I'm unemployed so I have to tag along with family to dinner and they pay so I just order what I know is least likely to have gluten in it and hope for the best. Often I am stuck with just salads and a few side items.
Yes. I am from the south, now please keep the bread, rolls, toast, hush puppies, croutons, breaded meat, etc off my plate.

Then there is grocery shopping here.
It. SUCKS. Sucks sucks sucks.
I've tried all the places close to me: Food Lion, Wal-Mart and Lowe's Foods.
Apart from naturally GF items like the produce section, canned fruits and veggies and rice:
Food Lion had one, not joking, literally ONE GF item. A cookie mix I think.
Wal-Mart had a few: TWO cereals, two gummy snacks and a few other things that I forget now.
Lowe's was the best in choices: A line of frozen dinner's - Amy's, several mixes (cake, cookie, pancake), icing mixes. A Lowe's in the next county over had bread.

Amy's frozen dinners = not a big fan. The palek paneer tasted like dish detergent. The enchaladas are okay, and the rice macaroni is okay. I'm not a fan, but I don't know how to cook yet so I'm stuck with them for a while. Also they're vegetarian. I'm not. I HATE tofu.

When I went there, Lowe's had two kinds of GF bread. One was Rice Almond bread by Food for Life. I though woohoo! I don't have to go all the way to Whole Foods for a loaf of bread anymore. I was wrong. It's not that it's bad. It's that it doesn't taste like bread. The first GF bread I tried was Glutino fiber bread, and texture aside it tasted like bread. (Microwave then toast it). Well I sometimes like a little honey on my toast as snack. With the Rice Almond bread I did that and it tasted like pound cake!
Pound cake tasting bread is good, but I don't want a pound cake sandwich.

Wow, I've typed a lot.

While I don't have an official diagnosis I am going to get DNA testing done. I know there are genes associated with Celiac Disease. I found this thing online, http://www.23andme.com that tests for it. Well sort of. It's a thing that tests your DNA for ancestry and health issues. Keep in mind it is NOT a doctor. It cannot and will not diagnose you. It simply tells you if you have genes that could predispose you to certain things.
I had been hoping to get a job and save up money so I could get that test in a few years. It is $500 after all.
I was lucky enough to stumble back onto the site on something called DNA Day (April 23rd or 24th), when the test is $100. JACKPOT!

*I keep hearing Canada has great options for GF foods. Any particular areas of Canada? My friend and I joke about moving there all the time. If it weren't for family I'd totally consider it, but we don't know enough about individual locations to know where we'd want to go. (We can't speak French so Quebec is out.)

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