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Oh and i am gonna get the Clarasonic Mia- because its cuter, easier and more compact and well...the obvious reason...CHEAPER.

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I bought the Clarisonic but ended up returning it. I really loved the way it made my skin feel and how clean it felt after use. However, I have broken capillaries around the corners of my nose, and the Clarisonic really aggravated it. And it's almost impossible to clean my nose without touching the area. So if you have any broken capillaries anywhere on your face, don't use it-it wil make them worse....permanently.

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^^^ Agreed! I bought one a couple of months ago...loved the way it made my skin glow, but after a couple of weeks of use, I started to notice tiny lacerations/tears in my skin. Luckily I stopped using it and the tears went away, but I feel like the brush in hard on the skin. Probably better to use it once or twice a week, but only using it that amount is not worth the $200 hahaha

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I bought the Olay pro-x cleansing brush last month and started using it in the mornings with my cetaphil cleanser and wow I can not say enough good things about this product!

I originally purchased it because I started using an AHA at night and read that its a good idea to gently exfoliate in the mornings after use.

Since I've started using this brush I have noticed that some of the enlarged pores I had around my nose are completely gone and I just love how clean my skin feels after using this brush as compared to using my fingers. I definitely think the Olay brush is worth checking out if you're interested in this type of cleansing system - especially since it costs a fraction of the price of the clarisonic.

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Can the clarisonic be used with foam cleansers or does it work better with just gel cleansers?

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After reading all these positive reviews, I'm really considering of purchasing it. My skin is terrible - big pores, blackheads and pigmentation problems. I just can't bring myself to spend that much though..!!

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Yesterday I bought the Neutrogena Wave Sonic. It has two speeds and works with disposable cleansing pads which already contain the cleansing product. It cost me $14 and came with 14 pads. The refills are about $7 and I think they contain 28 pads.
I used it today and I'm really happy with it. After I rinsed the soap off my face, my skin was really polished and felt a little tight. But after I applied moisturizer it felt great.

I bought it mainly to try and get rid of uneven skin tone and dullness and after this one use I felt nice freshness to my face. I don't think I'd be using it every day, I'm afraid I might end up drying my skin or irritating it although the cleansing pads felt really gentle (the abrasion was really light and tingly, I loved the feeling).

I will report on the results after I have used it for a while

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Originally Posted by vintagemuse View Post
Can the clarisonic be used with foam cleansers or does it work better with just gel cleansers?
i've been using my brush with gel cleaners, foaming face washes and scrubs.

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Just make sure you don't use it with a cleanser with any sort of beads in it. The beads can get into the clarisonic and jam the system.

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I had a bad experience with Clarisonic. Every time I used it, I woke up the next morning with a huge pimple. I read that it can bring up impurities to the surface and "wake up" dormant pimples. I tried it with the clearing face wash it came with, and with my own and either way, it would make me break out. Now I just use it to exfoliate my body.

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so i've gone through the thread and the vast majority of the comments are from "femmes". any guys use this product?

also - right now, my skin is pretty healthy. i use cleanser/toner/serum/eye cream/moisturizer and i have an even skin tone and healthy glow. people always comment on how great my skin is. not trying to brag in the slightest -- just wondering if purchasing something like the Clarisonic would be valuable for someone like me, who is already quite content with their skin. i mean, if there were two things about my skin in which i could desire a possible improvement, it would be in "minimizing" the pores and in smoothing the texture.

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three weeks ago I bought the clarisonic mia and used it for about 2 weeks before I returned it yesterday. I think the newness of it all and such positive reviews clouded my judgement.

yes the first several days I used it my skin felt smooth and great but that's how I perceive my skin after using ANY new skin product. and then when the newness faded away, the clarisonic kind of became a chore.

after wanting this product for the past three or more years, I just recently bought it because I got $50 off. and at this moment in my life I am trying to be more minimalistic (and organic) so buying an (expensive) product to wash my face when I have good working fingers and hands was a bit of a bad move.

so back to the store it went and I am happy. I don't need a machine to wash my face.

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I've had my Clarisonic Mia for a week now and I really love it! My skin is super smooth and clear looking, I get bad blackheads especially on my nose and this seems to clear them out nicely.
You do get that wow thing the first time you use it, you look down at the brush and see all the makeup that it just cleaned off that you didn't remove properly using the regular method. It doesn't feel like a chore for me because I keep it in the shower, so it's just part of the routine now.

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I haven't had it long, so i guess it's still early days, but already I can feel that cleansing with the Clarisonic Pro helps my treatment penetrate more deeply into my skin! And although I thought that I was removing all my makeup (I double cleanse) the Clarisonic manages to get even more out!

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I own the Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic Pro and the Olay Pro-X Brush and I really prefer the Olay brush. Its really soft and I feel that it gets my face overall much more cleaner. I still use all 3 of them in rotation but lately I've been picking up the Olay one more often! I use it with my Mario Badescu Enyzme Cleansing Gel.

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