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At the moment I'm wearing 17 from Boots - Lasting Fix in Red Alert. I can't find a picture on the website though, so I'm thinking maybe they don't do it anymore. I hope I don't run out any time soon! It's a rich bluish red. I'm deathly pale with no undertones that I can tell (although I use MAC NC15 so that must mean I have cool undertones) with dark red hair and blue eyes. I love that the red brings out the colour in my eyes. I also had a Body Shop lipstick in garnet, I think it was, but I've lost that. It was perfect for either wearing at full intensity as a vampish, deep red or for applying softly with the fingers for a pretty, natural stain.

I am the most unlikely person in the world to wear bright lipstick as I'm mousy quiet and deadly shy, but hey, I like to play around with my make up. I wear all sorts of wild things on my face

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A really red lipstick or gloss?
I'm looking for a gloss or lipstick that's a very bright red...anyone? Thanks!

Tres Chic
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my mum use a dior ones since ages and it's the " bright red" or a chanel ones Hydrabase in fire

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Kevyn Aucoin's Talula...perfect!!

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I found it, finally: Clinque Color Surge in Red Drama, hands down. I'll never try anything else!

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Lancôme Color Fever 120 Red en Vogue

I wanted a true red..and to find the perfect one for me...
I went by all the cosmetics counters and tested all the 'true reds' on my hand.
Based on that I could already eliminate 70% of my test stripes..

My problem which I'm sure some of you experience as well.. is that I can only test one lipstick on my lips at a time..
the whole removal of the lipstick will cause my lips to react, and there will still cling a tint of the previous lipstick and therefor wont show me the true color of the next lipstick I try on


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finding your perfect red lipstick on today's

Back in our Fall Makeup Forecast, we called out crimson lips as being big for fall, per the runways of Gucci, Cavalli, and Proenza. Like the season’s glamour curls and profusion of proper accessories, red lips impart the sort of magnetism associated with sirens like Rita Hayworth. But, as this is a major makeup statement, many women fear the red lipstick (understandably so).

We’re sure everyone’s tried on the wrong shade at some point, so you know how quickly this classic look can go crummy. To save you from a beauty version of the “mean reds,” we called up Kayleen McAdams, the delightful and talented makeup artist, and got her to divulge the best colors for everyone. Yes, everyone.

While there are lots of guides to picking your best red, we think it’s easiest to go by the undertone in your skin: pink or yellow. If your complexion has pink (cool) undertones, McAdams suggests picking a lipstick with similar undertone. “Look for a berry, brick red, or plum,” she says. “These shades can look really pretty if there’s a slight shimmer in them, like Chanel’s Red Dream.” Another smart option (especially if you don't want a super bold look) is NARS Lip Stain Gloss in Indian Red. “While the color is pretty intense, the product isn't, so you can apply a light coat and get a sheer look,” McAdams says. “Just add a few layers if you want a stronger color.” Women with yellow (warm) undertones look best in red lipsticks that are orangey, brownish, or yellow-based. A few of McAdams’s favorites include Spice It Up! by MAC, Real Red by Shiseido, and Red Premiere by Dior (a WWWD favorite).

Of course, we’d be remiss if we neglected to tell you about true reds—the universal shades that work on almost everyone. “These reds are “pure,” meaning they don’t show any noticeable undertone,” McAdams says. So if for some reason you are unable to tell what color your skin's undertones are (or just don't care), pick a true red. McAdams also thinks these true reds are the best choice for fair-skinned ladies, regardless of skin undertones. “People with pale skin look great in true reds, so if you want to be safe, pick one of these rather than a pink or yellow-based lipstick,” she says. Some of her most-used shades include Jungle Red by NARS (a shade she used on her sister/client, Rachel McAdams, recently), Passion by Chanel, and Sabrina by Scott Barnes.

Picks for Pink:
Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in No. 95, Red Dream (from $23.50)
NARS Lip Stain Gloss Indian Red (from $23)
Christian Dior Rouge Dior in Red Premiere 752 (from $24)

Picks for Yellow:
MAC Lipstick in Spice It Up! (from $14)
Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick in P23 Real Red (from $21.50)
Dior Addict Lipstick in Positive Red 857 (from $22.50)

All-Purpose Reds:
NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red (from $23)
Chanel Allure Lipstick in No. 10, Passion (from $30.50)
Scott Barnes LipSuede in Sabrina (from $24)
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be true cause they'll lock you up in a sad sad zoo
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thanks Kateelie =)

Always be in touch with your heart - who you really are
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Russian Red looks gorgeous... will get one with my next B2Ms

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Blue-reds are definitely my kind of red. Plus they make my teeth look whiter =)
Mac's LE Queen Of Sin and Red Romp (lipglass) are absolutely PERFECT. I think i'm going to buy another set of both of these. I never wear red but now I can't stop!

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I've been looking for that perfect red lipstick for years now and I've tried some that didn't work out. At all. I always seem to look orange with rep lipstick.

Every woman can wear red lipstick. Regardless of your age or skin tone, there's a red out there for you. Find out which are the right shades of red for your skin tone here.

Flattering Red Lipstick Shades
  • Fair Skin, Cool Skin Tone.
    Best Reds: Cool Reds like rich reds, wine, burgundy.
  • Fair Skin, Warm Skin Tone.
    Best Reds: Warm Reds like rich brick reds and ruby jewel-like shades.
  • Yellow Skin Tone.
    Best Reds: Orange- or Brown-Tinted Reds like brick reds and or brown reds.
  • Olive Skin Tone.
    Best Reds: Rich Orange-Reds. Go for a bolder color, as you can carry it off.
  • Dark Skin Tone.
    Best Reds: Deep Red like berry reds and burgundy reds.
See, this would help me if I could just figure out what my skin tone really is! I did some test a year ago or so with a orange piece of paper and a pink one; and I couldn't see which I was, warm or cold. I was given some special paper sheets, one pink and the other orange and I was supposed to hold one at a time next to my face in front of the mirror and apparently I was supposed to see which suited me better. Only I thought they both suited me and I really couldn't see which I was supposed to be; cold or warm.

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^just try a cool red and warm red and see which one works bette

oh people try i russian red , it make me look like i ate blood, lol

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Avon Big Colour in Sherry

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apparently i would suit blue toned reds but i'm too scared to try red lipstick out :s

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