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"Beauty junkies and Into The Gloss fans rejoice. Following a series of teaser photos on Instagram, the team behind famed beauty blog Into The Gloss launched makeup line Glossier today. CEO Emily Weiss notes that over the past four years, she saw a need for a beauty brand that engaged with its consumers beyond mass marketing. Weiss credits Into The Gloss content-rich environment, which provides an ongoing conversation with customers on a daily basis, with uncovering this gap in the marketplace. Glossiers first collection, Phase 1, is focused on skincare as well as makeup and includes the brands Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint and Balm Dotcom, which were made to work together to perfect skin. The products in this first collection range from $12 to $26 or can be purchased as a set for $80 on"


Has anyone heard of Emily Weiss', the into the gloss writer, new cosmetic line? Has anyone tried it yet?

It's caught my eye, because obviously it does with it's nice packaging, marketing, buzz, fresh pics etc. But I'm wondering what it's really worth in the end..

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Haven't tried it yet but I have followed the whole marketing process through the social networks (Instagram mainly). It sounds interesting, and I love Into The Gloss' approach to beauty with their articles and video tutorials, so I'd be interested to have some review too. My skin is quite sensitive these days though and needing some real pharmaceutical products so don't think I'll try it soon.

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I just gave a real look to the into the gloss website and I'm hooked
I've only seen people post the products they received but nothing about how the products are. :-/ My skin is pretty annoying, I just want to find something easy to give my skin a fresh look and this seems like what I'm looking for.. But since I can't see or test it irl ... (mainly because they don't have a shop, but because I'm in Paris too..)
Plus I went through the FAQ section, they don't test on animals (which makes me happy )

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I have the priming moisturizer and I really like it, I have dry and kind of sensitive skin and I haven't had any problems with it irritating my skin at all. I wish it had SPF though.

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I haven't tried Glossier but I Emily Weiss and Annie Kreighbaum.

like everyone said, their marketing for it is pretty amazing and I love the idea behind it. the only thing holding me back from trying is that I'm way into my own makeup rut and need to read more reviews/experiences before trying anything new. Makeupalley is a godsend for that.

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I'm very interested in Glossier too. Would be keen to try the skin tint and balm. I think their marketing and branding is genius!

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Originally Posted by ohghosts View Post
I have the priming moisturizer and I really like it, I have dry and kind of sensitive skin and I haven't had any problems with it irritating my skin at all. I wish it had SPF though.
I was just reading she's working on a 'truly light' sunscreen. Hope she's also working on one that smells good

At this point, I am brand loyal to what I use that works ... but certain items (like mascara and eye cream) I'm still looking for the Holy Grail.

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz

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I really hope Glossier offers international shipping soon - fell in love with the cute packaging and really want to try the products!

Does Glossier know if they have a parent company (or a company linked to them) or it's independent? Would like to see if they are cruelty-free...

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I love you too
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I've got Glossier phase 1 set and I really like tinted moisturizer - fresh, light and easy and priming moisturizer. Masks are good as well.
But I may be based. Emily is such a great role model. I think I would buy anything from her!

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I just ordered the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. My skin seems to hate products but I hope this will be ok - it looks effective yet gentle.

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I've been addicted to their entire range since the launch..the new boy brow is awesome.

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I'm dying to try out boy brow, I've tried different things in the past but none have given me good results.

It's tinted right? What kind of results did you get using it?

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I ended up ordering their Generation G lipstick some days ago after talking about it with a friend.. none of us have tried their products but she's a fan of Into The Gloss. I don't really have much interest on makeup/skincare but will read about it, and will read Into The Gloss when I'm on high levels of boredom.. so I figured I should give it a try. I usually just apply some bb cream, fix eyebrows, mascara and lipstick, nothing fancy or interesting, but lipstick has always been tricky because if I like how it looks, it eventually dries my lips, and if it doesn't and it's very moisturizing, I have to re-apply every hour. In every case, I do have to rub on it a little with my fingers just to make it look more like a stain.

This one is strange, I love that I don't have to do anything with my fingers (lol), it looks exactly the way I want a lipstick to look and that's .. maybe it depends on the state of your lips, because mine get dry very easily (I also have them mega used to lipsticks..) so despite reading how it felt glossy but looked matte, I do kind of wish it was creamier.

Anyway, I'll keep wearing it just for the color (got the Crush one). Also it's all too cute, I got a bunch of stickers and a Glossier poster .. will save the poster for me at age 12, but the stickers might look fine on a glass jar.. also got a sample of their priming moisturizer, which I might try one of these days..

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