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Have you had makeup lessons?
i'm not a makeup newbie, but i'm considering taking a bobbi brown workshop in the future to brush up on my skills.

has anyone done anything like this? or do you read makeup lessons in books? (i'm considering buying the jemma kidd makeup lesson book)

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I love make-up and have thought of becoming a make-up artist; but I'm not sure I would enjoy doing at as an everyday job, more like a hobby - play time!

I like connecting with people that have skills/knowledge I'm interested in, and try to compensate or get good deals on their services (an evil plan, I know!)
So, I hooked up with a friend of a friend and took personal lessons from her; she is make-up artist, and she has worked for Benefit and MAC. Overall, we had a great girl time with another friend, and I loved it!
She taught me a good deal of stuff, like contouring, eyebrows (love brow gel since then!); plus she got me some stuff at mac with her discount. She chose the best lipstick for me, a color I would never consider, helped me with foundation shades (always a problem), and introduced me to translucent powder.
I also got a deal on Groupon some time ago for a few hours of make-up lessons, haven't gone yet...Hope it will be fun.

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I haven't had lessons, but I've watched enough Pixiwoo videos and practiced doing what they do enough that I can carry my own in day to day life. I would love to have a lesson or two in the future, just to see what I could learn.

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Never have, for me it's all observing, and trial and error. I have to say I've been a huge fan of the nude look lately (because it's almost summer, probably!), and this doesn't need so much effort or creativity. It's not like I go out to super fancy parties anyway

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^^ I'm with B. I've watched enough pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge videos that I feel as though I have a good idea of what to do. But that's not to say I would turn down an opportunity to have a makeup lesson by a professional.

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I think the idea is not to learn "how to" (that anyone can do on their own), but to open up to other aesthetic sensibilities than your own. I'm fine at doing my own makeup, but would be interested in how another professional artist would perceive and work with the canvas of my face, bone structure, style, etc. That said, it'd have to be someone whose work you admire and trust.

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Never took a lesson in my life unless you count the little tips my mom gave me. I think if you observe people do it you pick up a little of everyone and develop your own.

I would love to take lessons but sometimes I'm scared I'll be told I'm doing it wrong

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I'm getting make up (and hair) lessons in Septemeber for my work. But I'm scared it'll be generic 'wear your eyeliner like this,lipstick like that' kind of thing,and not tailored to my eye shape,tiny lips etc.

Does anybody have any good book recommendations? I got a free mini Bobby Brown book many maaaaaany years ago from Ellegirl (wow,I feel old) and remember it was quite good,back then when I was about 13 and just starting out with make up.

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