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OMG...that's my fav store as well...everytime I pass by it, I have to come in and check it out...eventhough I promise myself not to buy anything...but i cant walk out with's so irresistible

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Originally Posted by angel
and actually come out without having purchased ONE thing? i
I can. I go in there and just get bewildered by how darn much stuff is in there and go completely ****-blind. I cannot make a decision, and get feeling rather overwhelmed.

I'm not a good shopper, generally speaking, and I tend to have a bit of a brain meltdown in shops that have huge amounts of merchandise all out and a lot of customers milling about, and a lot of the Sephora customers on the Plaza are young girls in their teens who are very loud, which only adds to my sense of "arghh...get me out of here!"

This is why I am in my element in thrift shops--every item in there is different so it is easy to pick through and decide upon what I like, and there are usually not that many people in the shop at any given time, and they're all very focused on finding their size and finding something they like, so they're not too rambunctious.

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Ahhh, Sephora! I could spend forever in there walking around looking at everything, yet I'd always leave empty handed! (But that's because I am such a bad shopper and decision maker :p ).

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kabhi alvida
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they have one down the road from me. i love it, it rocks,it means i don't have to bother going to selfridges/space nk/harvey nichs to pick up large brands like shiseido (sp?)

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Originally Posted by angel
and actually come out without having purchased ONE thing? i know i cant :p
se impossible!

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I can because around here there's actually a better store called ULTA, where they have exactly the same stuff (minus the Sephora brand) but way CHEAPER!

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OMG...Sephora is my heaven. I wish the store by me was larger like the one in Vegas.

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I love Sephora!! Its too bad we don't have it here. I used to just buy things online, but when I went into a Sephora last year in the US, omg, I died! I just wanted to stay in there forever!!

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I love, love, love, Sephora. I have more stuff from there then any girl my age should have.

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i finally went to Sephora today
omg! it was like going on a pilgrimage or something

i had just blown my $$$ on clothing
so i couldn't spend in Sephora
although - i almost went off to do a return so i could blow some $$$ at Sephora.

i cannot wait to go again - prepared to spend!
i LOVE Sephora already!!!!

Who was the genius that started Sephora in the first place?
i must find him/her and kiss his/her feet!

"The Earth is but One Country and Mankind its Citizens." Baha'u'llah
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I love Sephora. A guilty pleasure.

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