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Iceberg Lettuce?
Just a question about what iceberg lettuce does to your body...I know it's not particularly GOOD for you, but it isn't BAD, is it? It's like celery, mostly water or whatever, right? Someone at my work keeps going on about how it's TERRIBLE for your stomach and I just wanted to know the deal. I Googled but couldn't find anything. Can anyone help?


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No, it's not bad for you at all. It doesn't have as much nutritional value as darker lettuce but it's not like JUNK food.

It's nearly all water so it's not hard on your system.

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I was having stomach problems and my Dr. told me not to eat salads because they're hard to digest. This was years ago so maybe things have changed.

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It's mainly that iceberg lettuce doesn't have as much nutritional value as say "healthier beds," such as Romaine, endive, or radicchio. Though it's a good source of vitamin K.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that low intakes of vitamin K may increase the risk of hip fractures in women. Women who consumed lettuce one or more times per day had a significant 45 percent lower risk of hip fracture than women who consumed lettuce one or fewer times per week. It is also important in terms of blood clotting(it thins the blood) and in bone health.

+ it's low in calories, which is great if you're on a diet.

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It can't be that bad its in nearly all sandwiches! I like rocket better though.

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I've never heard that it's bad for you, only that it isn't as "good" as other darker types of lettuce.

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I just find it more palatable than most lettuces...I find romaine bitter and not so nice. But a lot of iceberg lettuce is bagged and bagged lettuce is not great for you because the water inside the bag can be contaminated or go stale.

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i prefer Romaine over Iceberg..

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It's not very nutritious and is rather bland, imo.

It may be difficult to digest, but there are lots of regularly consumed food items that aren't easily digested. Coffee, for example...

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Iceberg lettuce is all I ever use when preparing salads or burgers, so I certainly hope it's not bad for me.

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