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Originally posted by princess_tess@Oct 26 2004, 04:35 AM
What doesn't cause cancer?

(...but that might be it)

no fun
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The thing of putting on the lipstick on your hand and scratching to see if it turns black is ridiculous.

The way they test cancer when it comes to food is by feeding 2 groups of a specific kind of mouse that easily developps a certain kind of cancer. It's like when they tested those mouses with PEANUT BUTTER (which apparently causes cancer - big joke! ). They fed the first group of mouses non stop with peanut butter and the second group with normal food (which is MINUS the peanut butter). After three months or so 50 mouses in the first group died of cancer as opposed to approx. 20 in the second. But LISTEN, it all depends on HOW you're interpreting all this info.... The mouses in the FIRST group were fed NON STOP with peanut butter the whole time. The amount of peanut butter they ate in A WEEK is 10 times the amount of peanut butter an average human is gonna eat during its whole life. So what's the big deal, let's just compare it to cigarette, just SMOKING ONE PUFF (what I mean by that is not even a WHOLE cigarette but just one "INHALATION") is 237 times more "cancerous" than the amount of peanut butter you're gonna be eating your whole life. And then you see all these articles on how dangereous peanut butter is!!!!

So WHAT are actually your chances of getting cancer from eating peanut butter....!??!?!?!

And lipstick......!?!?!?! Come on, just forget about it..... Pffffff

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