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Lipstick vs. Gloss
When I think of lipstick, I think of someone's mom. The colors are usually so dark and when it's too dark or too red, you look like a clown or a Slipknot fan :p

Gloss has become more of the thing now even with moms You need to reapply often and many times it's sticky, but it makes your lips shinier than lipstick.

Which you do you prefer?

(I'm a ChapStick kind of girl myself )

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go red sox
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I like both really.

I used to never wear lipstick because I didn't like the way it felt on my lips, but as I've gotten older, I've become obsessed with lipstick because it gives better color than you can get with a gloss.

But I almost always wear a gloss over the lipstick, so I need both.

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front row
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i hate lipgloss, its gross

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tfs star
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I never got over the fact that my Mom used red lipstick...I think I look aged in it. I´m more used to gloss or some lip balm, even better. I have long hair and when your hair gets on the gloss it´s simply a bitch.
Besides that my hubby ends up wiping his mouth after kissingme when I use gloss.

Plain lip balm is great, not too classy, but it´s what I end up wearing every day.

Clinique´s almost lipstick is a great in-beetween, when I want to look halfaway polished.

It´s not a gloss (not sticky at all) not a lot of colour, so it´s a great choice.

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I think lipgloss look much more better than lipstick. But, I have problems with both of them!
I mean, lipgloss is sticky and if there is some wind all your hair stick to your lips(I'm sure it happened to everyone here.. Huh?).
Also, you can't really kiss someone on the chick, and on the lips it is so sticky!! I hate that.

And lipstick, when you are drinking from a glass - It all over the glass! Yuck. .
And again, the all kissing thing, instead of sticky as lipgloss it colors the person you kiss with.

Any solutions? :p

So, that's why I'm a Labello kind of girl. But, I still use lipgloss(Chanel's one), but it is a hugh mess.

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My hair is naturally very dark and I thought lipgloss looked very tacky on me. But when I lightened my hair, it magically looked okay. But I still don't really like it. I think of it as a teenager thing, however wrong that may be.

Lipstick is a staple for me. I usually don't put on very much, but I need a little to enhance my coloring. I can wear a lot of different shades, so it keeps me happy.

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Deep Red Bells
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Originally Posted by papa_levante View Post
When I think of lipstick, I think of someone's mom. The colors are usually so dark and when it's too dark or too red, you look like a clown or a Slipknot fan :p

Maybe back in my grannie's day you could only find very harsh or very red lipsticks...
but the times have changed and there are so many options now.

MAC makes a gorgeous lipstick called Curtsy that is a very pretty pink-
many more light colours too.

I wear both- depends on the look I am trying for.
My only big complaint with gloss is that if you have long hair and it's windy the gloss sticks your hair to your lips.
edit- just re-read and saw someone else said that too....
guess it's a problem for many.

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I love the Rimmel Underground gloss that lights up...brilliant!

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backstage pass
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I only wear lipstick for formal occasions. Otherwise I am a gloss girl all the way!

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front row
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I really don't like lipstick and never have. I always feel like I'm in clown make up when I wear it.

I'm just now getting used to colored gloss. I've always stuck to clear.

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hmm, strangely enough i never really wear gloss. i own plenty of great ones, but i find that the shiny reflective lip just doesn't feel like 'me'. even if it is a neutral-colored gloss, i still feel like it competes with the rest of my face and looks too overdone. NARS lip lacquers give about as shiny a look as i feel comfortable wearing. typically i wear tinted balms over a lip stain (in situations where i won't be able to touch up too often, like at work), or lipstick.

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I know lipstick sounds... old. But they make great colors. Lipgloss for me is so sticky.

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I prefer lip gloss, just because I prefer a shine and a little pink tint to my lips. It also moisturizes my lips better than lip stick does. I agree with kissmesweet, lip stick has some beautiful shades now a days.

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I prefer lipstick even though I don't wear it. Lipstick is much more bold and you can build up the colour intensity or just create a nice lipstain. You can do a lot with lipstick, it sort of defines/pronounces out your lips more,
Lip-gloss to me is very fussy, it makes your lips look big and fuller. It is a very sheer texture.
I don't wear either but I like lipstick.

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Lipstick is much more convenient (not sticky), but I also need gloss on my lips, otherwise they dry out and I tend to pick on the skin all the time, yeah gross I know

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