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Looking more feminine

I was wondering if someone has any tips for a male face to look more feminine? I hate masculinity, I prefer a feminine face, and was hoping to archieve this with makeup. I don't like overly used makeup, I like it a bit subtle, or if it's not noticeable ofcourse And no, I am not gay or a dragqueen, i just like feminity. Just want to make this clear.

I have seen some boys archieving a feminine face, here are a few examples:




(I hope they don't mind me posting this, but I envy you all!)

Does anyone have any suggestions to archieve this? My makeup knowledge isn't that big, and I only have tried out a few things so far.

And please, if you don't like the idea of a male looking feminine, please don't post your opinion about it here, thanks.

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I have a friend who likes this look. He has a pretty trim figure and wears tighter clothes than most guys might (girls Gap jeans, strech I think, size 6), but what really confuses certain people is that his hair is about chin length (layered, in a beachy/surfer sort of way) and naturally blond. He doesn't usually wear makeup, but he still achieves a pretty feminine/androgenous look. When he does wear makeup, it isn't too much and he generally pulls it off, although I must say that the one time I saw him in lipstick it didn't look right on him to me. Then again, it was too pink for him anyway. Otherwise he did a good job.

As far as very simple changes to make a guy look more feminine, try grooming/plucking your eyebrows (not too thin, just neat and shaped) and maybe using some mascara and lip balm/chapstick (to open your eyes and make your lips smoother/maybe fuller). I don't know the exact look that you're going for--subtle or more obviously feminine? I suggest that you at least start with very light makeup to experiment, then add more as you get better rather than starting out with more (if that's where you want to go). Hair length helps, too, like the guys in the pictures you posted.

This is just my basic, uninformed opinion, though (obviously nothing detailed). I don't know if this is the kind of advice that you're looking for at all. If you want specific makeup application, eyebrow grooming, or hair styling advice, I suggest that you explore the many, many threads dedicated to these topics on this site. You'll find guys on some of these threads, too, and you'll get more specific instructions/answers. Good luck!

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