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I use Nivea in the blue tin around my eyes in the morning - only a little bit as it's very thick. I also love Embryolisse.
I also use Pond's cold cream sometimes too, mostly to remove makeup if I wear it (rarely).

I don't think you need moisturiser much if you don't wear makeup often. If you do, then you are usually "trapped" into needing moisturiser after you cleanse. That's why I like cold cream because it eliminates that step.

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I quit using moisturizer about two months ago and while my skin is in no way perfect, it has gotten visibly less oily. My current routine is washing with Avéne Soapless Gel Cleanser morning and night, in the day just wear La Roche-Posay's Toleraine Teint Fluid Foundation and maybe a bit of blush, and if I feel my skin is a bit dry I'll sometimes put some plain almond oil on my face before going to sleep.

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This may be something I'll try. My face gets very oily during the day and I don't recall it being quite so bad before I started using moisturizer. I'm not sure if the oiliness is caused by the moisturizer or by being outside more because it doesn't get so bad during the weekends when I stay inside. I may experiment with simply cleansing with Cetaphil in the morning and late afternoon and nothing else. I'm in the middle of trying to phase out most of my powerful anti-acne type stuff to make my skin less oily and red, so this could be a step in that process because my moisturizer has a little salicylic acid in it which probably does more harm than good.

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I steer clear of moisturizers. Even Clinique oil free gel like moisturizer (that yellow thing) now breaks me out. And I read in a derm article from Vogue Paris that being in my 20s, putting creams is just way too much toxins you put in your skin. The only damn moisture I put is around my eyes (Dior youth something) cause I can't break out there, and Clarins eye sunscreen during daytime. That's it that's all cause I don't need it anywhere else.

Every once in a while if my skin is way too dry and white, I'll dab a bit of the clinique gel.

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So it's been 2 years since I started this thread haha. Still not using moisturizer and it's working for me. I make sure to take care of my body from the inside out, lots of green veggies, fruit, healthy fats. I stay away from refined sugar and processed foods. I drink tons of water and wear hats outside to protect my face from the sun (no sunscreen). It's made a huge difference in the quality of my skin, it's soft and it glows. This might sound gross, but I rarely put water on my face either. I just leave it alone. I only wear a bit of mascara, but no foundation at all, and rarely any blush - so I can get away with not washing my face. I think I'll start using aloe vera gel or something under my eyes though, since I'm 28 and should be taking care of that area.

How's everyone else?

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I try to wear sunscreen everyday because the sun is so harsh where I live.
No moisturizer because I wear makeup about 5-6 times a week if not more so sunscreen or primer is always my base.
I have combination skin with an oily T-zone.
My skin is thankfully doing great- rarely any breakouts.
I wash my face every night with a cleansing soap and wear a face mask 2 times a week and night cream on alternative nights.

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