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rising star
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: a white beach
Gender: femme
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I don't know about their makeup but I just bought practically every product from their skin care line. I'm trying the Origins brand before I try Dermalogica, which I would love to sample but I can't find anyone that stocks it here. If I end up not liking it though I can return everything within 30 days. If anyone has any feedback about the skin care line I'd love to hear it, specifically Precipitation, A Perfect World, Oil Refiner, or Checks and Balances.

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Bluestar07's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 4,579
^ lukewarm, any feedback with regard to the Origins products you purchased?

I've tried Dermalogica. I went for their complimentary face analysis and they gave me samples for all the products they said I should be using. I only used the products once (it was sufficient for a couple of uses) because my skin became red immediately and I felt a prickling sensation. I guess my skin is too sensitive?

I went to Origins today and ended up with the Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment and Peace of Mind On The Spot Relief. The second item was an impulse purchase because the SA let me try it and I fell in love with it immediately.

I have combination & sensitive skin which tends to shine like the sun 2 hours after I apply my makeup but I SA said that the sides of my face were extremely dehydrated and recommended the Make A Difference treatment. I was hesitant because it was not one of the products I had researched on prior to going to the store. The SA then offered to give me a mini facial using recommended products which were-
Check And Balances Frothy Face Wash
Make A Difference Toner
Never A Dull Moment scrub
Eye Doctor
Modern Friction serum
Make A Difference treatment
Out Smart SPF25
Matte Scientist

I ended up buying the two mentioned products and the SA also gave me a sample of the scrub and serum she used on me. I experienced a slight tingling on my face after the mini facial - that made me wonder if I'm sensitive to any of the products she used.

I'll give feedback after using the MAD treatment for a while. I hope it works for me! The reason I went to Origins in the first place was because my usual moisturizer had the formulation changed and no longer worked for me. I loathe it when that happens.


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Bluestar07's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 4,579
Product Review
I've been using the Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment for about a week now. I have combination skin and it tends to become really shiny within an hour or so of applying my make up. The MAD treatment keeps it matte and my skin appears much smoother and even-toned. Today, I received the first comment that my complexion looks really good.

That all sounds great. However, the product gives me a burning sensation on my skin and I feel some tightness around my forehead and nose area. The burning/tingling sensation continues even after I've washed my face. I'm wondering if it could be due to the essential oils contained in the product. Apart from the strange sensation, there are no other adverse effects until today, when I noticed some flaking on my cheeks. My skin doesn't turn red, there are no spots ... in fact, it looks really great. The only problem is that it doesn't FEEL great!

Should I discontinue use? Has anyone else had similar reactions?


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Join Date: Mar 2006
Gender: femme
Posts: 12
I'm not sure if anyone is interested in the Plantidote stuff, but since I've just finished my full size bottles of Plantidote mega-mushroom face serum (50 ml/ 1,7 oz.) and Plantidote mega-mushroom eye serum (15 ml/ 0,5 oz.) I thought I'd do a review.

I've been using both serums since august 2009. I have dry, sensitive skin and sometimes I have these red spots in my cheek area that look like I've applied too much blush in a blotchy manner.

Let's start with the face serum:
It's a bit heavier than most other serums I've used. It's not just moisturizing and watery, it feels more like a regular face lotion. That's because there are some oils in it and it contains squalane. That is responsible for that soft smooth feeling on the face.
The list of ingredients is very long!
Here are just the first few ones:
chamomile flower water
yeast extract
butylene glycol
caprylic triglyceride
olive fruit oil
meadowfoam seed oil ...

Besides of being a nice additional moisturizing layer and feeling smooth on my skin it just did nothing for my skin.
I noticed no effect in the sensitiveness of my skin and no effects on my red spots.
Won't buy this again.

the eye serum:
I applied it religiously morning and evening. First I used the eye serum and then I followed with my usual eye cream because the serum on its own is not enough for the really dry skin around my eyes.
This serum did really nothing besides being an additional layer of moisturizing stuff under my eye cream. But there are a lot of much cheaper options for that.

It has a long ingredients list too.
The first few ingredients are:
myrtle leaf water
chamomile flower water
methyl trimethicone
yeast extract
butylene glycol
peg100 stearate
silica ...

I will not repurchase the eye serum again.

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loonaka's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Gender: femme
Posts: 8,712
I just got the A Perfect World SPF 25 moisturizer, has anyone else tried it?

If you really cared for me, You'd let me be, You'd set me free...But what you robbed me of is my..My liberty
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front row
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Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: anderswo
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There's a store in the Century City mall, but I've never gone in . . . it does smell lovely when I walk past, though!

Life is too short to die.
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loonaka's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Gender: femme
Posts: 8,712
The A Perfect World SPF 25 moisturizer's smell is so's pretty annoying!

If you really cared for me, You'd let me be, You'd set me free...But what you robbed me of is my..My liberty
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: España
Gender: homme
Posts: 16,240

Origins targets Millennial consumers with Original Skin

Originally Posted by Rebecca Mann | The Moodie Report Executive Director - Editorial
As revealed last week via The Moodie Report’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds, Origins has created a new skincare product targeted at Millennials and their skin’s unique “Quarter-Life Crisis”.

Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb will make its European travel retail debut in March, before rolling out to the Americas and Asia Pacific in the autumn. The recommended UK travel retail price-point is £27.20 for 30ml.

The product was unveiled at a press event held at The Martini Library in The Arch London, where Origins underlined the importance of its target market. “Millennials are currently a very hot topic,” noted a brand spokesperson. “We define them as the age group born between 1982 and 2004. That’s around 100,000 people globally, so it’s a big demographic.”

It’s also a demographic that – until now – has not been seriously targeted, Origins believes. “We know a lot about Millennials’ lifestyle: what they do, think and enjoy,” explained the spokesperson. “We know that they are enjoying life, working hard, burning the candle at both ends and perhaps not eating and drinking that healthily. But nobody is discussing with them the negative effect that lifestyle can have on their skin.”

When consumers are in their twenties, skin starts to age, although the changes are not always obvious or easy to quantify. “Because of their age and stage, Millennials are often very stressed about issues such as marriage, friendships and career,” added the spokesperson. “This can contribute to a “quarter-life crisis”, which is reflected in their skin.”

Most Millennials have progressed beyond typical teen issues such as acne, but are too young to need anti-wrinkle products. The result, Origins maintains, is confused consumers who need guidance. “Where skincare is concerned, Millennials are a lost generation,” declared the spokesperson. “Nobody is reaching out to them, yet they know they need to use something - they just don’t know quite what.”

Step forward Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb, created specifically to target the subtle biological and physiological changes that occur under the skin’s surface at that age. Typical problems include enlarged pores, uneven and dull skin tone, rough texture, age spots and a less radiant complexion.

These issues are driven by two key factors – a slowdown in cell turnover and an increase in Carbonylation (a protein change in the skin’s surface) – both of which are addressed by Original Skin, according to the brand.

“Changes in texture and a loss of radiance and clarity are all caused by a lack of cell turnover,” noted the spokesperson. “A healthy skin cell is replaced every 28 days, but it can slow down to every 60 days. All that dead skin sticking to the surface impedes light reflection, which leads to dullness. Combine that with carbonylation caused by external factors such as environmental pollution and it’s easy to understand why skin doesn’t look the way it used to.”

Original Skin features a number of ingredients designed to combat these concerns. Chestnut seed extract is said to refine the skin’s texture and minimise pores, by boosting skin cell turnover, eliminating roughness and counteracting flakiness. Laminaria Saccharina helps to balance the skin’s production of sebum and tighten and shrink the appearance of pores.

Canadian Willowherb (highlighted in the product’s name) is claimed to restore skin’s clarity and luminosity. Found in Northern Canadian prairies, it is traditionally used as a herbal supplement to treat various medical ailments. It is complemented by the anti-irritant Persian Silk Tree, and a blend of optics to instantly “blur” imperfections.

To support the launch, Origins has worked with illustrator Bee Stanton, whose work will feature in the ad campaign. The brand has also created the #QuarterLifeCrisis app, to enhance digital engagement with its target consumer.

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