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Skin care when you have a cold ?
Hi evrybody. I have been a member for a long time, but not posted very much - I had to move across the ocean in March, have bee *a bit* busy b/c of that...

Anyway, today's question. I woke up with a wonderful cold. I am feeling not too bad, I think I can work, but what bothers me is the redness around my nose and my lips. Is there any cream/treatment you can suggest to heal those parts?
And how about the dark circles around my eyes?

I am really not looking forward to face the world today/

Thanks everybody

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when i have a cold i use a really concentrated face creme and drink lots of water to stay hydrated, since that can make your skin icky and tight. it can also help with redness since it wont be so chaffed. i like Caudalie mousture concentrate, then carmex on my lips. heres where you can get it at sephora:

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yeah, i definitely tend to keep the focus on hydration - all that nose blowing can really dry out and chafe your nose/lip area. i tend to use Rosebud Salve on my lips, and even overnight on the sides of my nose (don't get it in your nose, however, since the warm petroleum can be aspirated into the lungs ). Lush's Dream Cream is a wonderfully soothing cream for dry patches as well.
when i have a chapped face i tend to not worry quite so much about possible pimples from any rich creams and salves... i'd rather take that risk than have a tight, flaky face. i hope this helps a bit. i'll be interested to hear what tips and tricks others might have. get well soon!

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I hate having a flaky nose I put the thickest crem on I can find! And I don't wear foundation because I hate the way it look on dry bits.

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thanks girls. I live with a bottle of water in my hand, but somehoww water never seems enough.
I am gonna stop at sephora on my way home... hopefully will find some of the stuff you suggested. I'd love to check out lush, but here in rome there are not too many, and they're not too close either...

thanks again

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I use a little Nivea cream (any from their face line is fine) on my nose after blowing. I think you don't need any special, expensive cream.

Get well soon!!

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Make sure the tissues you use have lotion in them otherwise they will more easily tear apart and annoy your skin.

Overnight apply a thick layer of Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour creme to the red areas.


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