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I'm guessing it's because you're out in the sun? How about sunscreen?

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If I use sunscreen will it eventually go away?

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well sunscreen helps because it prevents any further tanning so if you prevent further coloring it should "de-tan" eventually.

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A tan should fade pretty quickly, especially if you have fair skin. I agree, a trip to the dermatologist is probably in order. You may have a skin condition that causes mottling.

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DO you tan fast?
Do you love tanned skin?
So you think that you get a better tan
in the swimmingpool/ water or while just lying in the sun?
What is the secret to a beautiful tan?!?
Do you prefer sunmilk or spray?
What sunspray/milk do you use?
Do you think that LSF(40/50) is better than a small(15/8/30) one?

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I am the worst when it comes to tans! I probably shouldn't be tanning at all, because first I get a bad rash for 2 weeks, then it turns tan, but it's still itchy for a while! I am still itchy from a tanning session a month ago! I don't know why this is, it wasn't like this a few years ago. I used to get nice tans. Just be careful and don't overdo it. Cancer, remember?
Anyhow now I'm experimenting with different self tanners.

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i dont tan at all.i was in america for two weeks and am pratically the same colour i left as yet i dont even think im a fan of overly tanned skin,and dont think for one second id look good with a dark tan.and the secret is being careful,burn and you'll go patchy.its better to have too much protection then too little.and drink lots, eat, and dont fall asleep in it

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I tend to tan but I need to wear an SPF 15 sunscreen (no higher unless I want to avoid nasty tan lines when not in swimsuit) so that I don't burn. I just got Coppertone's waterproof SPF 15 stuff and it works well. However I tend to tan the best with tanning oil.

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I tan really slowly, and I am naturally VERY pale. I don't like the overly-tanned look, but I also don't like how so very white I am. I know that laying out in the sun is bad and that tanning beds are even worse, but I admit to doing them both sometimes. I am careful to never burn, and the way I see it everyone has their vice!

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I know tans are out but i am a addict i wear self tanner year round. I love to be golden. and if i am at the beach i am never dark enouph. I am lily white ,burn at first but then turn so dark people dont believe me when i say im really snow white!

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I used to really hate tanned skin but this summer I'm loving it. I was surprised to see really black people looking amazing. I like natural tans, instead of orange-paris-tan. I use Anthelios Lait by La Roche Posay SPF 15 for my face and tanning oil for my body. Swimming pool works the best for me.

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I am very pale so I don't tan fast, but after a month going to the beach every day (I know I'm lucky) I do get a great tan, not that horrible blackish tan some people have (I'm not talking about natural dark skin but the kind of tan that looks as if you haven't had a shower for ages) and people can't believe I'm so pale! I prefer the beach, it makes you tan faster because of the iodine in the water.

The secret for a beautiful tan is probably a beautiful skin, lots of moisturizer and water and you'll get tanned faster and better. I've tried a wide range of products, I don't have a favourite, now I'm using Nivea sumousse SPF-20 and it doesn't work bad. The sunscreen you need depends on your skin and when you tan, I've used SPF-60 and still got sunburnt because I spent a whole morning at the beach while I was still pale, now the first three/four days I go to the beach for about an hour or two after 5 p.m and use SPF-30, then I start going for a progressively longer time in the morning and after a week or so, when I'm not so pale and my skin is more or less used to being exposed to the sun I use SPF-15.

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I could get a very deep tan if i wanted to, but since i was about 20 i havenīt been doing this!

I allways use cream, repeat it several times, and never expose in the "bad" hours.
Also, i havenīt had a sunburn in a very long time!

Like Irene A said, i also really dislike people who have that kind of a tan that makes you look like a barbacued sausage! lol Itīs like reddish/brown...yuck! When i see people with that kind of tanned skin i can only think of skin cancer and wrinkles...

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i think tanning is awful. i don't find it attractive at all, on anyone. i'm a lifeguard, i work in the sun everyday, and i pour sunblock on myself every 2 hours.

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DO you tan fast? Relatively fast, two or three days in the sun give me a sunkisssed look I'm after.
Do you love tanned skin? I like it on some but not on others, and deffinately not overly tanned.
So you think that you get a better tan
in the swimmingpool/ water or while just lying in the sun? In the swimming pool or the sea.
What is the secret to a beautiful tan?!? Spend lots of time in the water but with alot of sun tan lotion, a tan is not worth cancer (or wrinkles). Also moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, a tan is not nice if its on dry cracked skin.
Do you prefer sunmilk or spray? Sunmilk.
What sunspray/milk do you use?
Do you think that LSF(40/50) is better than a small(15/8/30) one? High sun factors all the way, for my skin anyway. I've used them all my life and I still tan whilst wearing them, and like I said I don't want to risk cancer

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