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Help, guys!I never good with make-up and products so please help me here!

I wanna get the tan look so I went to look for a self-tanner then I saw diferent kinds: After Sun Moisturizer with Self-Tanning Action, Self-Tanning Instant Gel, Self-tanning Instant Spray, and Self-Tanning Milk. So the question is: Is there a difference and which one should I use?

P.S. My skin type is Combination/Normal to Oily if it matters!

Thanks, Igni!

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retro queen
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Igni, I think it's personal preference. I generally use a self-tanning cream (Le Tan), but I have also used a spray with great success. I think it's really important to ensure that you have no rough, dry patches on your skin beforehand. I use a loofah and moisturise (but not too much) beforehand.

If you're a bit unsure, you could try one that's coloured so that you can see where you're applying it to ensure it's even. I know Ella Bache does one like that (but not sure if it's available outside Aust) and I'm sure there would be plenty of others similar.

I'm not sure about tanning your face though, I've only ever F.T.ed my body.

Good luck Igni

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rising star
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a good drug store tanner is the neutragena tanning mouse. it has some color in it to help with the application.


for about $40, the st. tropez auto bronzant lotion is about the best fake tan in a bottle that you can buy. it is absolutely worth the $$$.

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Join Date: Aug 2003
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You need to try Tan Pefect.
You can buy it at Ulta for like $20.

BTW, I am very fair skinned and this even makes me bronzy!

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front row
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i heard so much about Clarins' self-tanning cream ... i really have no idea which form is best, but i also heard recently that spray ones help even out the tan.

how does a self-tan work? do you apply it & lie under the sun? if yes, how long does it take to get the color? & do you always get a bronzie-orangy color? or it depends on your original skin color/type... as in, fair skin, or olive skin?

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rising star
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my recomendation, use st tropez (or another brand with a guide colour which washes off) these tend to give a more even finish and remember to moisturise so it doesnt go patchy

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rising star
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Facial Self-Tanner / Bronzer
My face needs a bronzing boost. What fake tan is worth buying? I don't do orange, I want a natural look.

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fashion insider
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i like getting "sprayed" mystic tan..... it looks the most natural to me.... and then your body matches your face....

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Seamless, have you ever tried those bronzing powders?

I have one which is from Clarins, I forgot the name, but it's a huge compact and it contains shimmering brown powder in it. I think it's really handy. Just apply the powder (over your usual foundation) on your jawline, and a bit on the forehead and chin (where you want)! It looks natural and doesn't make a mess!

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Iowa Girl Loves Fashion
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As far as a daily routine thing, my personal favorite...and don't laugh...is Bonne Bell's "Glimmer Dust" - it's a powder bronzer that just has the most amazing natural results. I have been using this stuff since the 8th grade... it.
Not only that, it's DIRT cheap.

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I use physicians formula, its a compact powder that comes in different shades. I use the lighter shade because I am fair but when I tan I use the darker shade. its two colors in one and you just use a blush brush and the two colors combined create a beautiful, natural glow for no more than 11 bucks.

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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Phoenix
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Revlon Skinlights loose powder in BronzeLight is pretty great, too. Urban Decay and Cargo make great ones w/or w/out shimmer. I'm very light skinned and this is my "tan" in the summer since I burn in minutes flat even w/ sunscreen.

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fashion elite
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I love love love Bobbi brown's Shimmerbrick. A good bronzer for fair skins is the Pressed Powder Leaves from Prescriptives.

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backstage pass
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ban de soleil rubs in well and turns out a nice natural color. you can get it at the drugstore. you only want to use bronzers sparingly, use self tanning lotion to get the tan allover.

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front row
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I use Lancome but don't remember the name..

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