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less facebook, more sleep

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More sleep, less late night crammings. Pace yourself and organize.

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Sleep at least 8 hours every night.
Try not to stress.
Don't forget to take the make up off and clean up your face before you go to bed ever night.
Use hydrating creams for your face and body every morning and night.

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*S*M*G*'s Avatar
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Get plenty of SLEEP!

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I really love this thread Great advice guys!

One really cant emphasize the importance of sleep enough! 8 hours is the minimum for me.

Sauna helps release stress, but it can also improve the quality of your skin with the heat.

During wintertime, always cover yourself up. It's not nice to have your back exposed and that your skin starts building up a layer of fat to protect your body from the cold.

Drink lots of fluids! I myself cant keep up with the 8 classes/day routine, but I drink homemade juices & milk.

No coffee! Unfortunately there's only a small proportion of population that arent addicted to it. I prefer tea.

Dont dye your hair every month if possible. Hair really gets tortured, especially in my case because I straighten it all the time too. That's why I have this very natural colour that's close to my own so i can go easily 2 months without dying it again. Also highlights help, they grow out subtly and you dont have to be colouring it so soon.

If you dont need make up, dont wear it! Natural look is never outdated. Also, remove your make up with good products. I try to remove my make up as soon as I get back from school, I like my skin much more make-up free.

Dont smoke. It's a disgusting habbit and nothing good can come out of it. I never understood is it really worth it. Besides, smoke mixed with perfume is usually an awful combo! And Gods sakes smokers smell so bad

When using alcohol, drink water at the same time. You'll have a easier hangover at the morning

Respect your parents, their support is so important, especially when you move on your own.

Make sure you have a savings account. It can serve as a plan B if needed.

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Understand it once for you entire life. Don't chase dumb picture perfect, because most likely you'll get even more miserable. Sit down, breathe, feel yourself and you'll live one, happy, long life.

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you set the scene
cestmagique's Avatar
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*Eat for pleasure. If you focus on that aspect of food, just keeping to a normal, smallish portion size isn't tough.
*Don't try too hard in life. You can't always make the shoe fit and you shouldn't have to; feeling as if you're a bit different or unconventional is better than feeling like you can't measure up to all the socially acceptable (and generally quite average) people that you don't even respect. That's doubly degrading. You can be whatever you want.

"Marriage is for singles who are quitters."
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This is such an awesome thread!

Mine are....
  1. wear sunscreen and/or sunglasses (even in winter)
  2. drink plenty of water
  3. stick to an exercice plan you like - take the time to figure out which exercices you enjoy most and keep it varied
  4. do a doctors checkup at least once a year
  5. be self-compassionnate
  6. remember that '' success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in & day out ''
  7. stay emotionally in the present
  8. make the time to keep yourself organized (closet, desk, important papers)
  9. writes your worries down on a piece of paper if you have to - and try to think on solutions or ways to deal with them. then put it away.
  10. write down your goals, and make plans for how you can achieve them
  11. celebrate your progress
  12. remember to keep things in perspective and be far-sighted. look on the bright side, life is long & things rarely stay the same as they are
  13. keep in touch with your inner child every now and again !(:

Last edited by Mary-Anne; 22-10-2010 at 06:07 PM.
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I love that so many ppl are saying plenty of sleep..I'm all for that

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Originally Posted by Urban Stylin View Post
less facebook, more sleep
actually, NO facebook would be the best
I still have facebook for 1 reason, I have friend there who lives abroad and that is the cheapest way to connect with her.

and I am bit against computers and computer/playstation/whatever games.
People get addicted ( I have seen bad, bad cases ) and forget how fantastic life can be, new adventures etc.
I bet people will regret later in life not living life for it fullest.

I have never been huuuuge computer person, I spend time infront it from 0min -1 hour in a day. Altough, if I have some project going on then little more. But I rather choose friends over internet.

Also, drink more water, excercise, get few close friends, donīt eat/drink over processed food/drinks, laugh and just enjoy (it keeps your heart and mind healthy!!!!)

Daria Werbowy, Mila Kunis, Eva Green, Angelina Jolie
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SabrinaNicole's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Gender: femme
Posts: 342
Get on a good diet, exercise, do preventative skin care--sunscreen, Retin-a, etc., live someplace you enjoy, stay hydrated, avoid mean/toxic people, find your best colors & surround yourself with them, forgive yourself & others. Don't live according to other people's rules or values. Eat raw foods daily.
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i try to tell myself- SPEND LESS TIME ON TFS!!

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TRAVEL, exercise, eat less processed sugar, take care of your neck/hands/feet as well as your face (I think I already posted that), and try and keep things in perspective.

Life is too short to die.
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Gender: femme
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such a great thread

mine are:
  • celebrate eating. get interested in cooking and just love it. discover it's a lot of fun, try new recipes. food is a great joy
  • love your body. it's not ideal, yeah, we're not VS models. you may have small boobs, short legs, but who cares? keep your body fit and do exercise - it will look great.
  • enjoy your life. that's simple. enjoy every second of it. start seeing the small things: the birds' sing, the morning coffee, painting your nails, reading book, your boyfriend's kiss, holding hands...
  • think positive!
  • take care of your nails, hair and feet. moisturize your body. some people take care only of their skin, but that's wrong. your whole body needs to be pampered.
  • sunscreen and sunglasses are must
  • drink lots of water, try to eat healthy

t u m b l r

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tfs star
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Read books by Michael Pollan. Practice mindfulness.

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