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Originally Posted by Teja View Post
This vegan cheese tastes as the real one!!our-products/cnfd
I've recently discovered this as well, and I'm completely addicted. Thanks for linking their website, I hadn't realised they made so many products!

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I just got back from poland and I was surprised at how many vegetarian and vegan options were actually mentioned in the menus there. It was really nice and along with other 'inspirations' made me want to go vegan. I looked up on this thread documentaries, so far I've watched vegucated, forks over knives, food inc and food matters. It's interesting because they all tacle nutrition in different ways but end up in the same place more or less (and complement each other) (so far my favorites were forks over knives and food matters) I still wish to inform myself on the subject of veganism (so if anyone has other documentaries or books to recommend :-) or even personal stories about their way into it (I have to admit I haven't gone back to read old posts here :-s ) )

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PCRM (Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine) sponsors a 21-day kickstart that I believe you should be able to find online. It's international ... I remember there's a Chinese version.

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i am really into superfood right now. I watched "you are what you eat" the other day and they mentioned it more than once. I bought a book. it´s not that i was´t aware of good food before, but i want to know more and learn more and eat better.

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thank you fashionista-ta for your recommendation!

myown: yay an other thing to watch! They talk about super foods in food matters, and it's really interesting to hear about health from the perspective of nutritionists instead of medical doctors (I wasn't aware about how different those were)
I took spirulina when I went vegetarian, apparently it's one of the best superfoods out there, I'm pretty excited too because my mom started taking some for the iron, she usually brushes me off when we start talking nutrition (she always treats my being vegetarian as a disorder, I'm not even going to mention the fact I've started 2015 vegan.. ). I also tasted goji baies (?) yesterday for the first time, which have as much calcium as milk and a ton of anti oxidants.. I'm still wondering if the high sugar doesn't cancel out in a way the benefits..?

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Hello there !
If someone is looking for good documentaries about veganism I have these ones :
101 Reasons to be vegan
Gary Y. The best speech you will ever hear

Also you can find good cooking channels on Youtube :
TheVeganCorner (This one is Amazing !)
TasteMade (Raw. Vegan. Not Gross)

Also I want to share with you guys the youtuber Freelee the Banana Girl who helped a lot of people with health issues. She's a bit on the agressive side but still lovely and passionate about veganism.

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