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What is the dark ring around the eye called?
My friend and I were talking about what the dark circle around the eye that some people have is called? Thanks!

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Rings in the eyes also play a major role. Let's look at the most common rings and what they could mean.
Scurf rim or Ring of Purpose: This is a dark band around the outer edge of the iris and indicates that the skin is not functioning properly. These people generally do not sweat easily, thus losing one of the body's main systems for detoxifying. It also indicates increased mucous production and kidney stress. It can cause a person to be "thick skinned" emotionally, withdrawing or creating a facade.
Stress Rings or Rings of Freedom: These rings look like the growth rings on a tree. They indicate neuro-muscular tension and stress. These people tend to be perfectionists and are very active and accomplishment oriented.
Lymphatic Rosary or Ring of Harmony: This ring looks like a tiny ring of clouds around the outer section of the iris. This indicates a person who tends to have lymphatic disturbances and swollen lymph nodes. These people can experience a lot of mucous, asthma, sinus and ear infections and kidney problems. They tend to internalize other people's problems which comes from their deep seeded need to make everyone and everything "perfect" or OK, even to the point of taking on someone else's problems. They dislike any conflict, tension or strife in their environment.
Lipid Ring or Ring of Determination: This ring is a heavy white ring that partially or completely covers the outer edge of the iris. This ring is mostly found in older people and indicates that hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis, and other problems of the cardiovascular system. It also indicates problems with the liver, thyroid, and an increased risk of Parkinson's disease and blood sugar disorders (diabetes). This ring is associated with determination, rigidity, stubbornness and inflexibility. We often refer to people with this sign as being "hard-headed"."

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"Iridology" is nothing but quackery. It belongs in hell with phrenology.

While certain medical conditions and eye diseases can cause changes in iris pigmentation, the idea that you can tell something about a person's personality traits from her iris pigmentation is completely silly.

The iris contains pigment granules. Density of granules is a determinant of eye color. Some people have especially dense concentrations of granules towards the periphery of the iris. This causes the dark iris "ring."

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