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^Me either. I guess it was too.... flowery.

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Originally Posted by lifeistiffanyblu View Post
green tea should not be bitter-this is just a sign that it has brewed for too long. i suggest maybe start with tea bags that way you dont have to worry about how much tea to put in etc but you just gotta dip in your tea bag until the water becomes a light yellow colour and take it out-i dont think green tea should brew as long as black tea.
i second daniel. does the health benefit decrease if i brew the green tea for too long? or maybe more bitter = more potency?

personally i prefer my tea to be a bit bitter.

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Just discovered Clipper's Green Tea with lemon. Had to admit, it took me a while but I like it now. Trying to have three cups a day.

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I always drink white tea from Clipper. I think it's fantastic!

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Sorry if this has been asked before and I know it has more to do with my water than with the tea but it only happens whenever I make tea and usually only once the tea is a bit colder: sometimes I have a bit of an oil film on the surface of my tea. I can even take it off with a spoon.

I usually brew my tea with tap water 'cause we actually have some of the best water worldwide (I am from Austria; loads of mountains around). Still I am wondering if I should get a water filter? I mean is that it?! Is that why I sometimes get an oil film on my tea? Or might it be the product? I do usually get pretty nice tea though.

Anyone know anything about this?

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^ What tea-brand do you use? The one from Teekanne? I'm from Austria aswell and I have expierenced the same with that weird "oil-film"... well, our water is really calcareous so I always use a sieve when pouring the water in my cup anyway but of course that's not the same as a real filter.

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The water in my area is horrible so I always use filter water in the kettle - and I get the film over the tea, I hate it!...maybe try using some bottle water and see if it happens? I agree though it seems to get worse if the tea is left to get cold, or if I've used too many leaves?

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Has anyone else tried Lipton's Green Gunpowder Green Tea? It's amazing. I got it three days and I think I'm addicted already. I've always loved green tea, but this one's even better. Best tea I've ever had

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