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I loveeee my husband's Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume. i wear it all the time

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I definately prefer men's cologne to women's perfume. My fave that I've have worn for years and years is Green Irish Tweed by Creed. Yuumm!

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Armarni Code smells so good I want to wear it myself. If Kate Moss & Gemma Ward can do it, so can I!

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I often Wear mens Fragrance, as everyone else is saying the new prada is a gorgeous scent to wear male or female!

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I wear mens deoderant because they're stronger- the 2 people that have said something about me wearing it were the 2 people that ended up needing to borrow it and appreciated me wearing it hehe

I love mens cologne/perfume too but dont wear any at the moment

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I'm a little unsure about this... I prefer to wear heavier womans fragnances instead. If I find a mens perfume that I like I'd rather have my boyfriend wear it than me. But I think it's okey for other woman to do it. Btw: I notice guys that smells good more often than girls, but I think that might be because there's so many girls that use light/sugar sweet perfumes and I like heavier fragrances better.

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I've worn Versace Blue Jeans before (it smells so freakin' good!) and I've gotten compliments.

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I'm going to revive this thread with a post! ^^ I've liked to Dior Homme by Dior for a long time- I just think it smells so so nice. Gah the last time I was at the airport waiting for my flight I decided to take a sample of it again and for a large duration of my flight I was just sniffing the sample like wild animal; at one point so much my sister thought there was something wrong with me with all the sighs and sniffing going on. I've been debating with myself whether to buy it and I've decided I will now, thanks to all your posts! So thankyou

When you come down to it, I think the main thing about perfume is how the perfume sets on your own skin and whether you feel comfortable wearing it; regardless of whether it was intended for men or women. We live in such an experimental world, I reckon just go ahead and try it!

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im currently wearing terre d'Hermes which I love. My boyfriend uses it too but I think it smells great on girls as well.

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I love Banana Republic's Slate and Black Walnut scents. When I used to work there years ago, I would spray that on myself. Wish my husband would wear it more often!

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I LOVE men's fragrance, but whenever I tried to wear it, it really didn't suit me. It's probably because I'm really girly and masculine scents just overpower me. The only one I do wear is Rochas Rochas Man. It's very coffee scented, it reminds me of Escada Desire Me. There's also a hint of vanilla in there and it's quite sweet. My boyfriend loves it as well!


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i have always loved men's perfume over women... i just fall in love with every single scent. the perfume i'm using right now is emptying (besides it has been my fragance for the past 3 years) i guess next time i buy a new perfume, i'll search for a men's fragance!

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Chloe has a new fragrance called See that is pretty masculine smelling.

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I mostly wear unisex, my fav ones being Comme des Garcons 2 and Volutes by Diptyque. Overall I have always been a big sucker for sharp peppery notes, so I don't mind a good men's fragnance at all... I feel very comfortable wearing it, it is as if they aren't as restricting as some women's fragrances, if that makes any sense...
Some of which I'm really attached to ever since they came out are Infusion d'Homme by Prada and Lanvin's Avant garde, I love how subtle they are, there's a certain softness to them that they could easilly pass as unisex; while I prefere Infusion during daytime, Avant garde is my 'night perfume'.
I also use men's deo sticks and bar soaps (I switch between cedarwood, vetiver and verdon by L'occitane).

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