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My skin care regimen is uh...intense for most 13 year old girls, but it's so worth it.

Cleanser-Neutrogena Deep Clean
Moisturizer-Origins Never Say Dry; Oil of Olay; and Origins Skin Rejuvinating Treatment
Toner-Murads Clarifying Toner
Scrub-St Ives Apricot Scrub
Microdermabrasion-Origins Modern Friction
Eye Cream-Origins Eye Doctor
Mask-A clay botanical one!

And nothing works better to blast zits than Oxy, and when the zit is dry, slab cortisone on it.

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Originally Posted by marqueemoon
Thanks for the advice, Galviggo!

Is this the same Kiehl's product?:

It sounds good. I might try it out! Would you recommend their moisturizer as well? I looked up Cetaphil and it seems to also get rave reviews:
Maybe I'll try that first and move on to Kiehl's if it doesn't work. I wish I could get free samples of these pricey products! It's so annoying buying an expensive bottle of something without knowing if it will even work on your face.

My brother is the same way! His skin is deep olive, and nothing seems to irritate it. As far as I know he only uses regular, drugstore soap on his face. I'm not sure how seriously to take his comment because he tends to scoff at anything he considers vaguely vain or girly. He said pill-form acne medications like Proactiv are supposed to work, but not the creams. I've done some research online and there is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of beauty products. If you want more scientific recommendations, you should check out this site I just discovered:
Glad you asked, because that's definitely not the product I'm using and like. That one has tea tree oil which makes my face hurt.

This is it:
I forgot to mention I have normal-to-oily skin, but the Kiehls rep and my friend's cousin told me this one can be used by everyone. (I'm distrustful of salespeople, but so far so good with this toner.) This is what I like about it:
* It freshens up your face, tightens pores, does what a toner is supposed to do.
* Supposedly is "all natural" and the like (you can read the label here: Honestly I know how important toner is but I just hate the idea of saturating my face in 100% chemicals; this at least has some natural stuff.
* It smells damn good! Sort of like tea. I hate chemical fragrance; it irritates my eyes and makes my head hurt. This stuff smells very natural and fresh.
* It really is easy on my skin. I've used my mom's Clinique toner before (she loves Clinique and swears by all their products) and ouch! very tight, very red face for 1 hour. We have different skin, though. Hers is a little darker, and extremely fine and poreless. I, unfortunately, have bigger pores from my normal-oily skin type from my dad's side.

You can also check this one out:
Last time I was in Copley in Boston, the Neiman Marcus (?? forgot where I got the Kiehl's) was sold out of the Calendula one above, so they recommended this as the next-best for extremely sensitive skin people (or just anyone who wants to be nice to her skin). I have tried both samples and like them equally, but I use the Calendula.

Be sure to ask Kiehl's for free samples! They're usually very nice about it. I'm shameless but I figure for what they're charging they better be generous about samples. I've always walked out of the store with 8-10 packs of random samples.

I couldn't tell you about Kiehl's moisturizer though because, shamefully, I don't moisturize (is this really bad?). I used one free sample and didn't react to it, but it made me look a little greasy. I only moisturize the topmost part of my forehead, around the eyes, and on the cheekbones. Anything more (and any sunscreen) makes me look greasy and I really hate that. Somehow, my skin doesn't absorb the moisture like normal skin, so it just sits at the surface and glows (in a bad way).

I always test new skin stuff on my wrist after that Shisheido experience, so definitely do that first! I know it's so expensive and at first I was like "are you crazy!" but I really like it.

Other random stuff:
* I go to TJ Maxx to find eye cream/serum and moisturizer type things (which I also put on my cheeks because I can't bother with too many bottles). Lots of times they'll buy brand-name stuff in bulk so something that normally costs $20-$30 only costs me $5. I just can't justify spending much more than that when I already spend on the toner. (I shop at TJ Maxx a lot. Especially after this little discovery ) You know how Victoria's Secret has their own makeup and lotion line; well, personally I find it ridiculously overpriced and rather low-quality, but there are a ton of brand-names I hadn't heard of that TJ Maxx carries in bulk; so far seems to work just fine for much less.
* I have tried Proactiv skin washes, and didn't care for them (I didn't know they had pills--I wouldn't take them though)! I think Kiehl's is much better and come to think of it they aren't that much more expensive than Proactiv.

I've been told that moisturizer can (but ideally shouldn't) be skipped, but toner is a must, so that's my big splurge...

Thanks for the skincare link! I'll check it out; if my skin makes it past the next few weeks.

(Hmm. bet this post looks like a dissertation)

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this is the routine i try and uphold (but sometimes im just too lazy):
-cleanse face morning at night (cetaphil)
-moisturise face at night (kiehl's)
-face mask once a week
-use exfoliating mits in the shower every morning
-put on body lotion after every shower/bath (cocoa butter)
-put handcream on regularly

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Morning: Water (I have to get up do darn early anyway I'm not getting up even earlier for cleanser!) and sunblock f20-30 winter and 60 in summer.
Evening: Elemis lime cleanser and Elemis lavender toner.
Twice a week: facial scrub
once a week: face mask and oils

Hair: the Herbal essences shampoo and conditioner range.

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Morning: Wash my face with Avon cream cleanser
Moisturize my face with Nivea All Around Protection fluid SPF15
Use Avon´s Anew eye cream with SPF15

Night: Wash my face with Avon cream cleanser
Use Clinique´s Super mild toner
Use Clinique´s Repairwear Eye Cream
Moisturize with Evian´s Moisturizer

Apply vaseline on lips
Last thing i do before going to bed is to use some hand moisturizer

Wash my hair only every 2/3 days with Shiseid Tessera shampoo and cond., and sometimes use Aussie 3 minute miracle

Every week i exfoliate using either St. Yves apricot scrub or Clinique´s Pore refinisher and do a mask either with Queen Helen Mint Julep ot Avon´s Advocato.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present.
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In shower:
Redken Smoothdown
Some Aveda Conditioner
I shave and brush my teeth in the shower...
Some bodywash.

Out of shower:
Redken CAT Leave-in treatment
Olay Moisturizer
Eucerin on lips (amazing)

Most nights that I'm home, I'll take a bath
Evian spray moisturizer/toner (I LOVE this stuff)

Astara Blue Flame

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my Clinique facial soap (pretty decently priced, works like a charm)
astringent (I've had bad acne and get a zit or two occasionally)
Lancome exfoliating scrub
a tea tree oil blemish stick (it makes my eyes water a bit but I deal with it)
Lancome moisturizer

the same soap and astringent
Avon Clearly C Vitamin C serum (has helped to fade imperfections)

If I get dark circles I use a little bit of a sample of Lancome undereye circle cream but it's not as often now. Also when I'm really tired-an ice cube over the face.

Kiki's Beauty World Please remember: NO bolding of my name, as it gives me headaches.
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Mine is ....
CLEANSER : Lancome Gel Carte / La Prairie Cleansing Gelee
TONER : Dont really use any. I use Estee Lauder idealist before i put my moisuriser on though.
MOISTURISER : Chanel Hydramax gel cream
EYES : Chanel eye tonic ( )
EXFOLIATOR : Estee Lauder micro d. ( used 2 times per week )
SUNCREAM : Lancome ultra spf 30 ( or the spf 60 in the summer )

Don't look back into the sun,
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I try all different products as i work in beauty. But this is what i use at the moment.
Colgate whitening toothpaste{everyday}
Boots natural collection vanilla shower gel {everyday}
Posh green bubble bath i can't remeber where it came from{once aweek}
tresamelle shampoo and tresamelle conditinor {every third day}
Avon lyrical moisturiser{every day}
avon clearskin blemish stick{once a week}

avon lyrical moisturiser{everyday}
Clearsil face wash{I try to use it everyday but sometimes too tired}

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Daily Routines
Just curious about what everyone's beauty / exercise / hair / food ritual is...since I don't really have one o_O but I know some people have a routine such as pilates 3 times a week, exfoliate every two days, drink green tea once a day etc. But seriously, how do you stay so healthy and good looking? Not that I don't take care of myself but I've never had enough motivation to stick to a regiment beyond basic daily skincare on a regular basis. What works for you all?

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6pm - 9pm
- practice yoga
- drink 8 oz water
- pack bag
- set breakfast out on table
- make lunch
- pick out clothes for tomorrow
- wash face, moisturize
- brush teeth, clean tounge

4:30am - 6:30am
- wake up
- wash face, moisturize, prime
- eat breakfast (greek yogurt, oats, green tea, apple, 8 oz water)
- put lunch in purse
- apply make-up
- get changed
- spray myself with perfume
- read newspaper
- drive to school

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4.30?? disiplined person!

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Morning: Breakfast, put on SPF 15 moisturizer, eye gel, lots and lots of makeup
Afternoon: exercise, shower, eat lunch/dinner
Evening: snack, facial (every couple of days)
Night: walk the dog, a drink of water, and off to bed!

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Originally Posted by indie_fairy
4.30?? disiplined person!
my mom gets up at 4:30 too.

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6 days a week I walk 40min-1 hour on the treadmill at 4.7- 5.1 mph (sometimes I run for 20 of those minutes) ~ I used to run 6 miles a day, but walking makes my legs way thinner! I get muscle easy...

I try to do butt/thigh pilates routine every day. It works very well!

I use St. Yves exfoliater everyday and retinol vitman a moisturizer

As far as food, I just eat a little bit here and there. things like salmon, fruit, yogurt, veggie burgers. Not a whole lot of red meat but once in a while.

Lots of water!

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