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Originally Posted by shoegal1986 View Post
where can i get this?? besides the LF stores in ny?
I took this photo at a shoe store in Laguna Beach, CA...I can't really remember the name though..


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Originally Posted by PrincessImp. View Post
I took this photo at a shoe store in Laguna Beach, CA...I can't really remember the name though..
that's ok! it's probably the LF store cause they have a store at Laguna Beach as well.. went around calling most of the california stores just to find this and I ended up buying the tan color in Brooklyn and the black color in Florida..

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These shoes are a great alternative to the YSL cage shoes from the s/s 09 collection.
these are from STELLA LUNA not sure what other countries have this store but it is very popular here in the philippines, they have shoes w/c bare resemblance to high end ones... shoes from this store retail from about $90.00-$300.00. these caged onesretailfor $300.00 while the YSL retails for $1600.00 (now $900.00 on btw I took these pics, the shoes are my mom's w/c she wore on my HS grad if I might add (seriously)

Free Image Hosting by

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Doll House's version of the Balenciaga flat:

Charlotte Russe's version of a Manolo Blahnik heel:

picture source:,

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Do you think they'll have the sam edelman balenciagas online?

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ive seen these shoes on jak & jil before, but fell in LOVE with them when watching Katy Perry's Thinking of You video. Beauuttifffulll. anyway, ive been looking for knock offs all over, but knew the shoe was from a few seasons ago so that meant not a lot of current sellers would make similar shoes to it. but lo and behold, i went back to and theyre selling knock offs!
ok, theyre not the greatest knock offs, but still pretty cut outs eh?

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^my friend got a green pair ( they have purple too) from Pulp and they're at Wanted too in Australia if anyone here likes them

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Neeky, please post a source for your image or your post will be deleted.

kellydior, please mention the flickr user you got the image from or your post will be deleted.

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A lot of pictures from that website are also just rip-offs from NeimanMarcus/Saks etc, hence you don't know how good the fakes are going to look like in person, so I would rather be careful to order from that website.

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I found Jeffery Campbell's Chloe susan knock-offs at LF today, they looked really good, so I got a pair in white. They have black as well. I will add pictures soon.

I asked about the Sam Edelman Balenciagas, and apparently the price will be the usual, no more then 200 US dollars.

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I heard they will be $250? They were originally $98 if I remember correctly...

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They were originally $170 or $180. But then they went on Sale at VS and were $99. I already expected them to be a little more expensive this time around. Anybody know a date when they'll be in stores?

Timemachine, sounds good. Please post a pic.

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^^They look awesome! I bet they get snapped up right away.

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the ioffer thread is for replica shoes (which i where i moved the posts about the gucci's/louboutins)...
this thread is for shoes that look like high-end shoes but are branded by other designers, like jessica simpson, bebe, etc.
thank you...

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Ann Demeulemeester vs. Jeffrey Campbell
Imageshack got hacked yesterday, so my pics were replaced and one of the mods deleted the post, so I just repost it:

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009, $890


Jeffrey Campbell, $198

They look almost identical! What do you think?

Credit: / Image Source: Saks & Jeffrey Campbell

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