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spoilt victorian child
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De-slouching boots
Does anyone here know if it's possible to straighten out boots that have gone saggy? After a lot of wear, a few pairs of mine have started to bunch up slightly around the ankles like scrunchy socks. Any idea how to get them to standing up straight again?

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flaunt the imperfection
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huh?...i pray for that to happen to mine...
that's the best part...
but i also keep a folded piece of cardboard in my boots to help them keep their shape...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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I have the same problem with over-knee stretch leather boots. I don't suit them over-knee so scrunched them down, and now they have gone so baggy I have to stop every 10 steps to pull them up... (not a good look!)

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spoilt victorian child
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Originally Posted by softgrey
huh?...i pray for that to happen to mine...
that's the best part...
Well, it depends on the problem is with boots made of very stiff leather, like riding boots and motorcycle boots. When they're straight and smooth along the calf and then go all ripply at the ankle, they kind of wreck the look for me.

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With low heeled boots, if you allow your foot to flex and your ankle to bend, the boots will wrinkle, and there's no going back. If you wrapped a stiff piece of cardboard inside while you wore them, it would keep them straight but then your foot/ankle couldn't bend which might not be that functional, or comfortable. Certainly you want to store them with cardboard stiffeners.

You could wear significantly higher heels so there is less tendency to bend the boots at the ankle while walking but eventually there will be some bending.

I fill in around the ankle to minimize the slumping, either by using heavy knee high gym socks wrapped around, or with a couple pairs of dancer's warm up leggings scrunched around the ankle for maximum fill.

The trouble with our tapered calves and gravity is that every movement wants to move the boot top down, and nothing about the system wants to lift it up. At the extreme I suppose you could devise some suspenders. Would you wrap them like garters around your knee? Hang them from your belt? Or run them all the way up over your shoulders?

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even though my boots evetually wrinkle over time, it helps to stop them slouching if you buy a pool noodle, cut it to a length to fit the boot, then stuff it in. that way it stays up straight! its what i do anyway

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