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oh! darling
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Death by Shoes
(I couldn't figure out a creative name for the thread.)

I was in NYC exactly a week ago. I bought some Keds by Nanette Lepore at a consignment store just before my trip.

My friend and I did A LOT more walking than I planned... probably because I got lost on the subway for 3 hours and ended up in Brooklyn.

The thing that bothered me first were the blisters on the back of my foot. Not too bad since that happens often when you're breaking in a pair of shoes. But, my toes must have been so CRAMPED in front that my left toe has no feeling on the top.

The knuckle of my toe has NO FEELING. The area right under my nail, by the cuticle, has no feeling either. It has been over a week and I have not put the shoes back on.

I wonder if I'll ever get feeling back. How much damage could I have done in a 12 hour day of walking around the city?

Anyone else have feet suffrage from shoes? And did you ever lose feeling like I did?

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Geometric Discharge
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How tight exactly were these shoes?! Destroy many nerves??
Nae, you'll get your feeling back I'm sure - keep us posted!

When I used to wear cowboy boots with a two-half-inch (That's high!) heel I suffered crushed toes, rubbed ankles and the annoying noise they used to make . . but I kind of enjoyed it . . . I'm willing to suffer for shoes.

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My feet ALWAYS hurt. I think constant walking on pavement in the city causes a lot of strain. Try massaging your feet. And you can buy insoles with arch support, which really helps.

xo Andrea
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i worked for about three weeks (yeah that was all i could take) as a hostess at a fancy restaurant so i had to be on my feet for long hours in beautiful yet uncomfortable heels. my feet where so sore and swollen, i even bought some orthopedic insoles but it wasnt enough, then i changed to wedges thinking it would be more comfortable but it wasnt. i bought a cream for people with varcose veins to activate circulation but it was also a no no. someone told me to keep my feet on warm water for a couple minutes but i didnt get to try that..i

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Try soaking your feet in some warm vinegar water and then follow it by peppermint foot soothing cream. Just take care to avoid the blisters and everything should be fine after a few soaks.

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Soaking your feet in hot water with salt relieves pain. Nearly all closed shoes/ pumps give me shoe bites :-/ I can hardly wear anything that closed.

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Confused & Bewildered
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Even though this doesn't really fall under the discussion of shoes hurting your feet I thought of it when I saw the thread title.

Bar brawler charged with high-heeled shoe assault

Jun 19 04:19 PM US/Eastern

HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. (AP) - This woman really knows how to get to the point—but not in a good way. Police arrested a bar patron early Friday after she whacked another woman on the head with a high heeled shoe. The victim was treated for cuts on her head. The suspect was charged with assault.

Police do not know what started the argument.

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^ Yes, shoes can be dangerous!
Bleh I hate getting blisters from wearing shoes.

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If I'm going to be on my feet all day I rather wear something comfy.Extra insoles helps and sometimes they don't.

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It's very hill-y where I live, and I either walk or bike everywhere and I'm usually in heels. I think my toes are used to being abused by now

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i heared soaking them in vodka with hot water helps a lot, haven't tried it though.

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I've been really lucky and never really had many problems with pains in my feet or legs, or blisters either, nothing major anyay. The only time I have had problems was with my Aldo shoes. Initially they were absolutely awful, then I got used to them but then after, say, 5 hours, it would feel like someone had flicked a pain switch. I remember I was actually in London and had to go to buy a pair of flats just to see me through the day as I could hardly walk.

Since then I've really gone off Aldo and have whittled them out from my collection.

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Originally Posted by D A N A View Post
i heared soaking them in vodka with hot water helps a lot, haven't tried it though.
i've heard this too, but you need to use very little of vodka because it can burn the skin, especially with hot water

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