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i think the healthiest shoe might be in the form of a birkenstock type footbed.

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This thread is so so true. I wear nothing but boots, flats, or sneakers with arch supports and I still have foot problems because of genetics. I can count on both hands the times I've worn heels over the last year, and I have a horrendously painful bunion. And I am 22. It's absurd - I have never worn heels repeatedly, and there are very few times I can wear them and not come home crying in pain. I can't even explain the kind of pain it is, either. It's deep in the bone and it throbs and if you hit your foot on something it's like lightning all through your foot.

It's squishy Born flats (they do make somewhat cute ones these days. Somewhat.) and Frye boots for me, except when I work, when I wear Asics sneakers and am on my feet for 8 hours and still come home with my feet burning and throbbing and hurting. My reaction to a hot pair of heels is usually "oh god, pain" and not "oh, I want those." As YoninahAliza said, it is absolutely not worth the pain.

At the very least, I wish I'd earned the foot pain, and not inherited it from my mom.

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Originally Posted by Lapin de Lune View Post
This is a marvelous thread, I've learned rather a lot from reading it. But can anyone tell me, what is the closest thing to the healthiest shoe? I feel that we are all different in this respect, for one may wear high heels as if it is second nature, yet another will stumble and complain of sore feet. I am somewhere in between - around 3 inches with a wedge is most comfortable for me, far more than flats, which although comfortable (and they make me feel sprightly!) and my favourite type of shoe, they make the muscles in the back of my legs feel pressured.
Your muscles feel tight because they're shortened. Either you need to hit the gym or ride your bike a lot - or stop wearing heels and wedges. This can cause a lot of problems.

It doesn't matter how well you walk in high heels, it's still very unhealthy. I haven't worn heels since starting med school.

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I only wear heels two three times a year. The pain is simply not worth it.

But I've also had the privilege of hanging out with anaesthetist for a whole week and one of the surgeries that I saw saw a woman that had to have 6 toes reconstructed after several decades of wearing heels and pointy shoes. They had to break the bones, insert some wires, get an x-ray in surgery to make sure that the bones had been put in the right place. When they were happy with the job the woman would then go on into weeks of recovery. In the mean time the wires were still poking out of the toes, looks a bit like wolverine. So before and after surgery the woman's feet looked pretty bad.

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...crazyness... ^
that seems like very severe cases, not the norm.
i cant fathom wearing [painful] shoes often enough that it results in most of my toes needed reconstructive surgery.

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