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Stylish walking shoes for traveling
This is always the hardest for me since when I travel I do not want to look like a jerkoff and a American tourist I should of bought these when I was in London. *sniff sniff* I went to Emma Hope and tried on their sneaker it was like walking on foam. Now I'm debating to buy them or not since to ship them over here is expensive and worry about it being lost. What you think? Yay or nay?!


Is it worth it?!

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Walking shoes need an arch support or it's no different than walking in flip flops. If it's more like meandering shoes and distance walking is not a concern - buy em

If not be realistic and find something that is good for your body.

Perhaps speak to a therapist if you have such material concerns of how you look walking down the street. This will open a larger range of clothing choices because the choices will be your own. Not dictated by memes and replicator thinking.

No trend setter was ever concerned with this. Most mainstream - no personality girls and boys tend to be focused on what others think. With personality and a great smile one can wear a burlap sack and be a hit.

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You are a beautiful young lady - I took a spin around your homepage. There is no way you could ever look like a jerk. I'm clueless to why you would ever say you'd look funny wearing anything let alone shoes. You can wear everything and look stunning.

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uhm..I have the same issue too..I don't really want to wear white tennis shoes with my somewhat fashionable outfits, I don't really care what others think, I just don't like the way they look with my clothes. I don't think I need to see a therapist because I hate the way white tennis shoes look with my vintage dresses.

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There's always black sneakers...

Seriously though, my solution is to either wear boots with low heels when the weather is cool or to find a comfortable pair of flats and stash some band-aids in my purse. Flats always find a way to give my heels blisters, even the comfy ones.

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I was doing alot of walking on the weekend in ballet flats and they killed my feet! I ended up buying a $5 pair of thongs just so I could have some padding between my feet and the concrete. So whatever you decide I definatly recommend something with a little padding on the bottom.. Alot of people around here wear plain white "tennis" shoes and they look good IMO

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True story...

...last year on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), I was wearing my flat American Eagle sneakers. Going out on the road starting at 5:31 AM CST to about 10:30 PM CST was a long excursion, even while heading home to safely drop things off at home. By walking around malls and shopping centers, I've learned something- flat-soled shoes are only comfortable for so long. At one point, instead of taking steps, I was basically sliding and scuffing my feet on the ground while walking. I was able to comfortably walk again after a few days and while wearing shoes with actual cushioning.

So to recommend flat-bottomed shoes or something (flat flip-flop/thong sandals, ballet flats, or any flat shoe without sufficient cushioning) is almost a no-no for comfort. I may consider getting some more comfortable sneakers or something. I actually have a pair of Skechers that I've stopped wearing after getting a lot of sticky stuff on the sole back in January. So I think it's paramount to get some shoes with sufficient cushioning and support. That's even if you have to wear some Dr. Scholls with those or something (assuming they aren't sandals or some kind of open-foot shoes). As for STYLISH shoes for traveling, I don't think I can answer that, at least speaking as a homme.

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i have the same problem. i have very flat feet, so even just shopping wearing ballet flats can be a nightmare. there are very very few fashionable shoes with arch support that actually makes a difference. grrr

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