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Originally Posted by MulletProof View Post
I loved the 90s so much and had the time of my life that I don't mind if we experience it as a funny cartoon every 5 years. I loved everything... my beauty standard (reason why my body perception must be all kinds of screwed) was Milla for L'Oreal , the moment I spotted a new ad say metallic blue eyeshadow and metallic blue lipstick, I had to do it, so there I was rollerblading at age 11 hair split into 20 micro chignons and a metallic blue face looking like an absolute moron. I loved the 90s.
that is a great image~

the whole thing is really getting on my nerves though...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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The whole era of 90's fashion disturbs me to the core when I think of the pencil thin Kate Moss copycat eyebrows. Shudder! Thank god I was blessed to have mine most always grow back. 2000-2009 was also a terrible time for brows. As far as clothing style I prefer the 00's-'09 look over 90's, there's just something so kitsch and costume-y about chokers and cropped spaghetti strap tanks.

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90's fashion is just awesome! those high waist and bell bottoms.

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90s fashion was great in the 90s... we have 2017

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Originally Posted by Alexa1994 View Post
90's fashion is just awesome! those high waist and bell bottoms.
That was the 70s.

after all, it was you and me
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everything sucks!
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The SS18 Celine and Stella McCartney shows were super 90's

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I can't wait for this to be over. It's my least favorite throwback of all.

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Originally Posted by Pricciao View Post
I can't wait for this to be over. It's my least favorite throwback of all.
I can't agree more. I think this is one of those trends that started from the bottom, kids admiring '90s tabloid sleaze and aspiring to be Courtney Love. I hope it doesn't go too far to the top (i.e. real fashion).

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I, on the opposite, love this trend and hope for it to go far. Yes, it's somewhat kitsch-y and costume-y, but, man, do I love it Maybe becasue it reminds me of the good old times in my life, when I was very, very young, I don't know. Or is it because fashion was truly fashion at the time, it was all about self-expression and, well, it was expressive.

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