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History's reflections within fashion and style
After doing a quick search I came up with nothing regarding this topic, so I hope this hasn't been done...

I'm doing a paper for a History class, and my thesis is along the lines of explaining how significant political and cultural events throughout the past one hundred years have impacted the fashion world through personal style, trends, and fashion in general....

can anyone back this up with examples? things such as the power shifts in the 80s with the womens shoulder pads, etc...

thank you in advance, any input is much appreciated!


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rising star
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There is a book I have called (OXford History of Art) Fashion by Christopher Breward that I think you should really check out, it is very detailed on fashion history and it could help.

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Queen Victoria had a huge influence on fashion all over the world. She died in 1901, so I'm not sure if that fits in with your timetable, but her ideas still have an influence today, esp. in weddings.

WWII influenced fashion, making things shorter and tighter due to the fabric shortage. I think people needed a ration card to buy shoes, but I'm not positive.

Sounds like an interesting idea for a paper. Good luck on it!

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Defintly a good topic for a paper, and one we've been discussing in my fashion history class. To add to the WWII example, the discovery of Tut's tomb in the 20's had a major impact on fashion and art deco style in general. A lot of the decoration on dresses and such had an Egyptian feel with the geometric shapes, women's makeup looked a lot like that of hieroglyphics (think really big, kohl rimmed eyes and very narrow eyebrows).

There are two good books I'd suggest for more info, specifically Art Deco 1910-1939 by Charlotte Benton, Tim Benton and Ghislaine Wood and Art Deco Fashion by Suzanne Lussier

You need to move fashion forward when there's a reason to move fashion forward - Tom Ford

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backstage pass
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i've written a research paper on this topic before. it's so easy to do because there's an obvious, direct correlation between what goes on in the world and what goes on in fashion. you can easily find hundreds of sources if you check your local library or bookstore for books about fashion by decade. i can't even reccommoned any but if i can find a copy of my paper i might post later some of the ones i used.

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flaunt the imperfection
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i am going to move this to trendspotting since it is really about how current events affect trends...

carry on...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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etre soi-meme
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fashion trends have always been a by-product of the socio-political-economic environment, including historic era and ethnic costumes.

any good fashion history book will help you understand how and why
best luck with the study

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human (whose society exerce an influence upon) create fashion.... I'd love to hear more on this topic.... very interesting...

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I don't know
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I don't know if this helps because this hasn't effected fashion in general but a kind of recent example of how things going on in the world at the moment are effecting fashion is the 'I'm not a terrorist' t-shirt that vivienne westwood wore (see picture)

also I don't know the real word for this, but the palestina scarf that lots of people are wearing is kind of a political statement for some too, and I think that the whole politcal thing going on with Palestina is what has made lots of people start wearing it..

The no-bra thing can be something to think about.. also when women started wearing pants in general is affected by what was going on in the world


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