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inspired contemplation
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it's too much with socks - people keep trying to make heels with socks and loafers with socks happen, but it looks too bulky. I think w/o socks is what makes it feel fresh. But then again, I hate socks

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flaunt the imperfection
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i love socks!...


not necessarily with loafers...
but it does look cute in that pic from la garconnes with the short shift dress...don't you think...?

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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chaos reigns
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Without ... and if you choose with socks, Id make a bold statement with the socks .. some cool print or a bright (or deep) color

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Originally Posted by á la Balenciaga View Post
anyone know the brand. i fell in love with these beauties

rihanna daily

If I may venture a guess – they look like Hermes.

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Last fall my sister discarded a pair of Tommy Hilfiger loafers and I got hooked up big time. On the socks rule – I would vote “yes” because I wear loafers on the days when I have to literary run from morning to evening.

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girl who fell to earth
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i think the sock thing really depends...

i for one definitely couldn't pull off the look of loafers with socks (or heels with socks for that matter)
i think you need to have slim legs and slim ankles for that to work and my legs are just too muscular. it would look silly on me. so i'll be sticking to no socks

i think it can look really fun and irreverent when worn by the right person with the right attitude toward fashion though

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backstage pass
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im all for both looks..but about 80% without socks...20% with socks.
i love loafers, i have about 3 or 4 pairs and wear them constantly. i was so gutted when my fave pair from topshop got discontinued 3 years ago
i have moved on however, and got myself other styles/colours

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I personally couldn't pull off the loafers with socks look. I just can't wear anything past mid-foot arch really, don't know what it is about my legs feet that resist this style. I can't even wear a pair of decent ankle boots!
However, I'm loving the loafer trend in it's more feminine incarnations. In particular I look for loafers with a shorter vamp to expose more of the foot, as I find this elongates the leg. I've also recently purchased a pair of tan platform loafer pumps that have garnered me quite a few compliments . Feel like I should be charging commission to the company that makes them as I'm sending them a lot of business!

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Originally Posted by ChrissyM View Post
i think it can look really fun and irreverent when worn by the right person with the right attitude toward fashion though
I agree. A pair of loafers with socks and trousers can look very swift, if worn by the right person and of course attitude..

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front row
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Had my eye on a pair of patent black loafers for a while at Asos. But for some reason I can't commit, possibly because I don't need them, and am trying to purchase less per season. But I have this feeling I might be sad when they are sold out. I kind of like the socks and loafers look when done modestly...sort of worn boyishly, with loose trousers and a blazer perhaps. Contrast coloured socks, maybe, but in earthy, subtle tones.

danse de lune
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I feel like loafers are one of those classic shoes that everyone should have. maybe it's because I'm a fan of the whole men's clothes for women (I like feeling casual). but I have a pair of loafers and although I haven't worn them much this year, it's definitely been pulled out for me to wear, especially now that it's fall.

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tfs star
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Loafers are basically the laceless, slip-on alternative to oxfords and brogues. Never have I had a problem with loafers. Most of you may know I'm not really into oxfords and brogues (I don't hate them). So with this, I'm very okay with these loafers. They are also another good option if you prefer the preppy look without going with oxfords or brogues.

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I got a pair of G.H. Bass black leather loafers last year. I've been wearing them to death ever since... I initially wanted them for a job that required formal sturdy black shoes but I ended up wearing them almost everywhere, except during winter for obvious reasons, living in Canada. At first I thought they looked a bit too masculine, too preppy, but after receiving compliments from peers I grew to love them.

I usually wear them with dresses paired with heavy denier tights or skinny jeans and colored socks. Never worn them w/o socks...

Now I have an eye on the Weejuns. I like when the design is classic. Don't like added tassles, nor leopard print, nor patent leather...

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I like pointy toe loafers and loafer heels.
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fashion elite
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I wish I had this pair of leopard loafers!

I'm so into masculine fashion right now! I think it's so chic and eclectic.

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