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Originally posted by meowmix@Nov 9 2004, 03:54 AM
actually if i recall correctly.... my capezios were kinda pricey
aaaanyway...yeah, i'd agree they don't look like anything special... at $80 tho... they'd better be top notch quality. still not for me tho
Yeah, I don't buy Capezio pants, either. Firstly, because I don't wear that kind of pants outside the house or dance class, and secondly, because they are too expensive.

I did buy a pair of Capezio tights for dance class, and while they were expensive, they've lasted me three years and counting. I had to replace the elastic on the waist, though, because it was really itchy!

It came from out-of-space!
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I've also seen people wearing them around U of T. From what I see the fabric is different from other sweats, and that's probably what makes it so comfy

Oh and I also love the manifesto on their site, quite inspiring!

I do yoga too but I just wear my workout clothes. I don't even have my own yoga mat

Couture_Whore is right, everyone wears TNA here! And that's surprising cause I think it's only available at Aritzia, which doesn't have that many stores...

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I have some trousers a biit like them for my haiffa (hope thts spelt right) yoga class !! thats all though id never wear them out anywere !!!! My instructer always shouts at me for them but i dont care they are comfortable !!!

luv ya



ps. WHo ever asked about yoga shoes they are banned in my class too

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im seein soo many lululemon pants too!! I dont know where they came get some but their much to trendy for my taste....i can walk down the hall at school and see about 20 girls wearing their pants..i even saw a girl whose always had pretty incredible fashion wearing a lululemon jacket..which wasnt soo bad..but still. its becoming way to trendy/

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I'd pick it over uggs anyday. At least this one is fuctional (in the sense that it's comfy) AND looks nice (in the sense that it's not hideously ugly, which is where the name uggs came from if you don't already know)... It sucks that because it's becoming trendy that some people get turned off to it. It's sad to me how everyone is trying their hardest to be as individual as possible, to the point where they won't wear something because it's liked by many. If it's ugly, of bad quality or overpriced, which 67 canadian isn't really (I definitely wouldnt buy a 40 dollar shirt from there or pants that are more expensive than what I paid), I can see why they'd choose not to. I asked the lady at the lululemon store why I never see guys wearing it and she said it's because they think its just a girl store, and/or that they think they'll look less macho if they're wearing something more associated with femaleness... I'm rambling again

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Originally posted by Nader@Nov 7 2004, 07:24 PM

Walking around my university (University of Western Ontario) you'll see many girls wearing these lululemon pants (some even have lululemon handbags, which I am not so fond of) that unfortunately, sometimes are tucked into Uggs.

Anyway, I was in toronto shopping and I always noticed the lululemon store on bloor st, but never cared to go in. I went in this time and decided to try on one of the mens pants (which I never thought existed) and let me tell you- they were unbelievably comfortable, and they actually looked so nice.. so I bought them (they were $67 CDN which isnt too bad).

They're supposed to be for yoga or 'active lifestyles', but I am neither active nor would I ever attempt at trying yoga, but I enjoy them because they feel like theyre not even on when I wear them

Have people in your area been wearing them too?
lol...omg u'r from UWO as well...ME's such a trend in our school...everyone has a TNA/ lululemon / Juicy Couture tracksuit.... IT's so comfy though..but kinda expensive... Anyway, I still have one for myself - TNA

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I like it..I just want it to die down a bit..i bought a pair in the summer before htey became so trendy..Their soo comfy

..In matters of grave importance, style is the vital thing..
It is not money that makes you well is understanding
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oh dear.
We have had this trend running around Vancouver for a few years now. My dad sells fabric for a living and was given a 'test' pair for me as a gift...I didnt even know what they were at the time. this was a while ago, and I used the rock climb in, of all things! they are THE most comftorable pants to climb in, no zippers and barely there seams work well under harnesses.
I was training four days a week at that point and I sort of shredded the pants during a rough fall.

when i went to purchase a replacement pair i found out they were selling for 70 bucks a I went to the bay and got a 30 dollar pair i wouldnt feel bad about destroying.

they are comfy and usefull but they are way too revealing for my many girls wear them so tight it reveals cellulite, even on slender people. yuck!!!!
the pants are easy to recognize due to their style of piping, waistbands and the logo which is usually placed right above the bum and where the eyes are naturally drawn to.
I am sick of them like most others here it seems...

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they are takin over all Vancouver malls too. Seen on the bodies of young mall rats here! lol!

Fashion illustrator and designer:
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Toronto fashion could be so amazing but its to set in 'trends' to see any positives in my opinion.
Around me its all
juicy/tna/talula/uggs/SFAM/etc its like a dress code
sweatpants or designer jeans
abercrombie top
big jacket with fur
dead straight hair (in a messy side bun)
WOW GET REAL! why don't we have better fashion? its annoying!

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oh gosh, I have something against Lululemon too. Sadly, it's largely because it's so overdone (I'm a Vancouverite as well) and overpriced. I have a vest I got at the major sale they had at the end of their first season (I think they started here) and like it for the functionality. BUT, I almost cringe each time I put it on. I feel as if I'm going to be lumped in with the other yuppie types who have spent excessive dollars for a brand name item (when similar articles can be purchased for far less). I am usually confident about myself and wear my clothes with confidence, so I am a bit perplexed at the extent of my anti-lululemon-ness (it's a personal foible, it's not like i protest them or anything. It's weird. Anyway, I wear the vest to go running in, 'cause it works, is cute, and I don't want to spend $$ I can use elsewhere. :^)

okay...enough with the brackets already!!

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oh no, they're becoming a trend..I'd better start hating them

funny how people think that way. I don't care if a million people are wearing them. They look nice and they're comfortable. You shouldn't pull yourself away from them just because they're becoming trendy.

I see tons of girls wearing long layered shirts with metallic belts--so what? I don't dress like that but I don't hate it because its a trend.

Stop trying to be an individual, because in reality--no one really is.

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I'll admit I have some because I do hot yoga and I would much rather wear ugly pants than drown in my own sweat, but seriously, these things are invading Toronto like a virus ... they are SO HIDEOUS and yet people continue to wear the entire contrived spandex outfit complete with bag even if they've never done yoga in their lives. And I would say at least one out of every two people in my high school carries one of the fugly bags to class every day. And the hooded sweatshirts come up to my navel and I'm only 5'7 for gods sake.

However. I love the manifesto. And the waterfalls in the stores, and how environmentally friendly the line is. In fact, I like basically everything about Lulemon except for the fact that it's so dayaaaaumn ugly.

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Originally Posted by soupluver123

Stop trying to be an individual, because in reality--no one really is.
Don't say that! It sounds really scary.

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hey... at least it's a Canadian company that's doing well, and a Canadian trend.

Toronto may not seem that fashionable, especially to people who live here, so I find it a great relief when Something is happening here, even if it's a trend I don't want to buy personally. It gives me hope for Canadian fashion. We're so freakin hard on ourselves in Toronto, it's our lack of confidence that keeps us from being recognized as a "fashion" city, when in fact we are one of the last cities in North America with a decent industry base. I've heard of Toronto designers getting a Montreal P.O. box so they'll get more fashion cred it's so silly.

final fashion
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