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lucky 4 me peeps here dont know alot abt international fashion otherwise id be swarmed with angry emails and lawsuits!!!!

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Originally posted by

BRAD PITT has predicted that skirts will be the mainstay of style-conscious men's wardrobes next season. The American actor, whose latest film, Troy, is released this week, says he expects fashionable fans to be inspired by the Greek-style skirts that he wore to play Achilles. "Men will be wearing skirts by next summer," he told reporters at the film's world premiere, in Berlin, this weekend. "That's my prediction and proclamation. The film answers to both genders. We were going for realism and Greeks wore skirts all the time then." (May 10 2004, AM)
If the up-coming menswear collections will feature lots of skirts, like Fall, then, yes, Brad may have a point cause the film and collections will co-incide.

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And this is from Galliano:-)
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no tom ford, no thanks.
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kilts...yes, sarongs.... , but just dirty old man (isn't that what galliano was actually getting at? something slightly perverse?)
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everything is never quite enough.
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I actually think the boxer gets attention (rather than the skirt:-) and will, well, sell.

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About 2 years ago I was in the West Vill (NYC) at the 4st station and I never will forget when saw I this very attractive young woman , she definatly caught my eye and as I got closer I saw she was with this guy with dreds. a wifebeater, Pucca shell necklace, a batik sarong and dime store flip flops. This guy wore it with as much confidence as if he were wearing jeans. He did not even expect anyone to look at him twice, and no one did either. This guy was SUPER COOL!!!!!!!! He was all super BOHO yet confident as hell. This guy was very comfortable with himself and the girl could not get enough of him.


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I wear them.

I have a lavalava, 2 sarongs, 3 dishdashas, a simple custom
knee length denim skirt, a skirt design that comes to my ankles
in 5 different materials: stretch denim, stretch black denim,
grey corduroy, light blue corduroy I also have another own skirt design
that is convertible into pants or shorts in 3 different materials:
microfiber, tencel denim, and nylon. I have 2 Macabiskirts.
I have a corduroy knee length box pleated skirt I designed.
I also have a kilt, which cost as much as all the others combined
probably. It is my least comfortable skirt for men. In my own
designs, I don't have to watch how I sit. I can just plop myself
down and not worry, and sit like a man. But with a kilt, since it
is so short, I have to watch it. I go for a masculine image.
I usually wear a beard, and I wear my skirts with otherwise normal
men's clothes such as sweaters, t-shirts, turtlenecks, socks, boots,
shoes, jackets, etc. in place of pants or shorts.

If any male were to give comfortable skirts an honest try, and
get over the fear, then you would feel wrong putting pants on
after that. What I mean by comfortable is something you can move
around in, walk in and sit in comfortably.
Skirts are very ergonomic and comfortable for men.
The only problem is you really have to BE a man to wear a skirt
as a man.

Et simmost!

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skirts for men:

greetz joku
the room

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man is shorts- yes, man in skirt- no!!!! no! no! no!

"On the other hand, quality is - like beauty - in the eye of the beholder" Mr-Dale
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stories everywhere
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i kinda like it.

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I know I'm late gettin' in on this topic, but...

It's one of the absolute most ridiculous-looking things I've ever seen.

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I can't say it looks good cause I haven't seen it much.

But I do admire the courage...

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Originally posted by kit@Jan 27 2004, 11:52 AM

And in about 30 other countries around the world... Never did go out of style, either, except for in a few fashion-repressed Amer-Euro christian countries...

You know, the same ones that repressed women's fashion between 1750 and the early 1900s?

I sincerely hope women aren't trying to repress men's fashion with all the "ooo, yuks!" How would you feel if we responded to some of your fashion choices that way? Probably wouldn't be too happy...

Elsewhere around the world, skirt/robe-wearing men are often the norm, not the exception.

Although the following skirts and dresses have other names, these aren't "costume" or "ceremonial" garb, but everyday menswear (in alphabetical order):

caftan (middle east)

cassock (members of the clergy)

dashiki (africa)

djellabah (north africa / morocco)

fustanella (greece / albania)

galibayah (egypt)

gho (bhutan (himalayas))

kikoy (kenya / west africa)

kilts (scotland / ireland / usa /

kimono (japan)

lungi (india)

Mannerrock (germany)

(numerous names for skirts/robes) - (native american (n&s) indians)

Sarong section:

kain (malaysia)

kekapa (hawaii0

lava-lava (polynesians, esp samoans)

pareo or pareu (tahiti)

sarong (indonesia, malay archipelago, and the pacific islands)

sulu (fiji)

tupenu (tonga)

end of sarong section


tunic (numerous, including europe, until recently)

yukata (like a kimono)

Ok - need pics as proof? Here you go:

Finally, just so everyone is well aware that the custom of men wearing garments with one hole at the bottom instead of two was the norm for tens of thousands of years (up until last century when some idiot invented pants and some bible-thumpers said that was the only "appropriate" wear for men), here's a little graphic fashion history lesson:

Know who else wore monotubal/unbifurcated clothing? Just above everyone from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus. When David stoned Goliath, David was wearing a skirt. So was Goliath.

If you don't like it personally, that's fine. Just realize that pants are a very recent invention while skirts/kilts/dresses/robes/etc. - non-bifurcated clothing - has been a staple of men's wardrobe for tens of thousands of years, and it's not likely to go away anytime soon, except in geographically separated areas like the US (until the advent of modern transportation, anyway...)

People who think "pants for men are the norm" have got it backwards!

As Morpheus said to Neo, "Free your mind..."

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:Whoa genebujold thanks for the great information!

"There's a fine line between Chaos and Creation"- Sir Paul McCartney
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Originally posted by oceanharlot@Aug 1 2004, 12:03 AM
i kinda like it.
Good for you! Then again, I see men of all nationalities wearing sarong-like garments on the beaches in Hawaii.

How's the garb on the North Shore?

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