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Originally Posted by softgrey View Post
had a funny chat with my dad about men in skirts throughout the years...
priest vestments, monk cassocks, ancient greek and roman tunics, japanese kimonos...

he went to school in a seminary in Sicily so he's quite familiar with the concept...
they all wore the vestments and the big hat...
if i can find a pic to scan i will post it here...
Priest's vestment is actually just a long voluminous robe, isn't it? I think they're so regal and stately, very masculine and commanding; the way the hem swings when in motion is poetic. And the priests always look as if they're gliding just above the ground-- very magical. I remember seeing a Gaultier tuxedo in the vestment design when I was very little and completely fascinated by it. Now I appreciate Gaultier's amazing sensibility for balancing the masculine with the feminine.

Kimonos and kendo pants create such a strong, graphic design within the context of their tradition and art that it has completely transcended fashion's classification of "skirt". But, ceremonial garments aren't exactly practical for everyday where.

One of my ex wore a kilt once that belonged to his dad. It was a bit small on him since he played college football, but, oh boy-- it was very sexy. A masculine man with great legs in a kilt, who wouldn't love that?

Sometime when I'm wearing a belted great coat, or a belted knee-length coat, it does feel like a dress/skirt to me, but also feels like practical protection since part of my legs are covered but because of the opening-- or slit, I can move freely. For me though, a fashion skirt looks so much sexier, lovelier and just more beautiful on a woman than it does on a man. I mean, I just can't get over how silly Bowie and company look in those skirt suits-- with their matching stockings! Looks too drag for my taste.

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Some Like It Hot
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How very apt for this discussion -

Male train drivers in Sweden have found a novel way to work around a shorts ban during the summer months - by wearing skirts.
Drivers on the Roslagsbanan line north of Stockholm are required to wear long trousers or skirts to work and shorts are not allowed.
As a result, a dozen workers have been working in skirts to keep cool during the summer months when temperatures in their cabins can hit 35 degrees.

Train company Arriva has said they have no problem with men wearing skirts, saying the uniforms represent their company, no matter the sex of the person wearing them.

‘Our thinking is that one should look decent and proper when representing Arriva and the present uniforms do that.
'If the man only wants [to wear] a skirt then that is OK,’ Arriva communications manager Tomas Hedenius told local newspaper Mitt I.
‘To tell them to do something else would be discrimination.’

It can get really hot on the trains,' driver Martin Akersten, 30, told newspaper Aftonbladet.
'A skirt is nice and trousers are too hot.'
'Today a man in his 40s collected his uniform skirt, but other than that it's mostly us youngsters,' he added.
Arriva has announced that there will be a meeting in September to discuss future rules on uniforms - so for summer 2013, it seems to be skirts or nothing.

A few times in my life I've had moments of clarity where the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think. - Tom Ford
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Soviet Camaro
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Those look fine, but to me the fellow on the right looks more like a waiter than a train driver.

If I were Arriva, I'd be more concerned with his shoe/sock choices than the skirt/shorts issue, but maybe that's just me.

after all, it was you and me
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flaunt the imperfection
softgrey's Avatar
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awww...they look cute!

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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fashion elite
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Cute. I love guys in skirts. Well mostly kilts, but these guys look really cute

It's said,
The map of the world is on you
The moon gravitates around you
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Swansea schoolboys keep cool in skirts after shorts ban
Telegraph 15 Jul 2013
Mothers of the students at Gowerton Comprehensive School said the boys had not been allowed to wear gym shorts as an alternative and they were also not permitted to roll up their trousers to cool down.
The boys defended their decision to wear skirts saying: "It's cooled us down quite alot, if we wore trousers in class it would affect us, getting sweaty and losing concentration because of the heat".
One concerned parent said the heat even had health consequences on her son.
"Stephen came home from school on Wednesday and he'd been complaining that it had been hot all day and as he was telling me about his day he passed out in the living room."
Temperatures hit the high twenties in Wales last week as Britain continues to experience a heat wave which is expected to last into next month.

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Join Date: Oct 2005
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Winston Churchill would have been so proud.

"No man should be rich enough to have another organize his closet and no man should be so poor as to be obliged to do so"........Carl Marks
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Join Date: Oct 2013
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they should be for women only.

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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Chicago
Gender: homme
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They are

"No man should be rich enough to have another organize his closet and no man should be so poor as to be obliged to do so"........Carl Marks
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tfs star
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Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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ONLY for femmes? It's going to take a lot for certain cultures to accept skirts for men. I look at skirts for men more along the lines of comfort and style. To me, skirts are not just about any super-feminine, super-sexy skirts. Skirts por hommes could also be just simple jean skirts at knee-length or even floor length. Heck, I even don't mind skorts por hommes. They are still essentially skirts even with shorts/bloomers underneath.

I remember in past posts when people said they skirts should only be for femmes. My own intent would probably be to dismiss skirts for males. I don't really see anything wrong with skirts. I don't see anything as to why skirts can't be fashionable for us males as they (obviously) are for females. I don't wear skirts, but I probably would wonder what wearing a skirt for a day would be like. I would probably enjoy the comfort of not having some bottoms that are so crotch-grabbing. I probably would enjoy the sort of freedom a skirt can be as opposed to wearing jeans, pants, or shorts. Even if you don't like the idea of skirts for males, you at least have to adore the style possibilities for intrepid and creative fashion designers to at least attempt making stylish skirts for males.

The "skirts are only for females" is really a foul, one-sided statement, especially considering males once wore skirts before they even became a staple in feminine fashion.

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fashion insider
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"You don't have to be gay," he offers. "A lot of heterosexual men in New York, London and Japan, they are obsessed with Givenchy, they wear the skirts." Singer Kanye West is one of them.

Riccardo Tisci - South China Morning Post

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fashion icon
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I find men who dare to wear skirts really brave + super hot! Wearing a skirt should not be a problem for a man who is confident enough and feels good in his own skin. So yeah, I'm really looking forward to the times when men are going to embrace this trend in a more wider scale.

Some photos of the rock star skirt wearing men: Mr. Axl Rose and Mr. Martin Gore,,, dmtvarchives, f***

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Join Date: Nov 2013
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Men in Skirts at FIT
FIT is doing an exhibit on this right now. There are many skirts (mostly kilts) at the exhibit discussing gays in fashion. I'm all for a skirt on a man. I wear a pair of culottes that looks like a skirt that I wear often.

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Below the knee skirts and kilts can look great on some men. I don't think it's suit me personally, maybe when I was a bit younger and still had my long messy hair. My brother looks great in a kilt. I don't see a problem with it so long as it doesn't trend too much. Every man wearing a skirt would spoil it I think.

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rising star
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Honestly I don't why people are debating about this. People can wear what they want and no one has the license to say otherwise. From a fashion POV, I think skirts are the future for men's fashion. All we need is a famous trendsetter who isn't perceived as "gay" to break negative perceptions of skirts on guys.
Skirts on men aren't exactly new. Personally, I think they are sexy as hell. It's one of the reasons I'm more attracted to men in historical dramas where they wear kilts and robes. If we go back to when skirts & robes were normal, then there won't be a problem with associating skirts with females. Besides, femininity is not bad thing. Remember when men first started to wear pink? Now it's pretty normal. I wish more male fashion designers would embrace femininity.

Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
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