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Originally Posted by SyphaBelnades View Post
the 2000's or the millenium (how do you call that decade) brought nothing new to the table when it comes to fashion.

Every single thing done was a rehash from everything else. Vintage, the 80's, 90's, leggings, the old hollywood glam, hippie, boho, etc, there was nothing new.

I don't think this was a spectacular decade when it comes to fashion, it has no identity. 20 years from now there is not going to be a 2000 look because there wasn't a 2000 look during the decade.

The last decade to have had an original defining look was the 90's.

The 2000's will be remembered because of the technology, ipods, blackberrys, facebook, etc but not because of fashion, there was really nothing exciting.

People always seem to think that, at the time, but in 20 years time, there will be a noughties look, because there always is a look (or looks) of the decade.

The Victorian era is renowned for its plundering of earlier eras and yet, almost all of us (I assume?) would recognise a piece of clothing as being Victorian repro, rather than that of the earlier eras, as there is still a distinctive Victorian look.

Similarly, the '80s regurgitated many earlier decades and yet, there is still an overriding '80s look (and a very recognisable one, at that!).

The '90s weren't so original, either - they were largely a rehash of the '60s and '70s.

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Well said chloehandbags!

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- 'IT' bags (Chloe Paddington/Silverado, Fendi Spy, Luella Giselle, Marc Jacobs Stam, etc)
- Dead straight hair (thanks to the emergence of flat irons)
- Wrist junk (lots of bracelets piled up together)
- Reality TV
- Balenciaga and Balmain jackets
- Christian Louboutin shoes

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i think the noughties look is the colourless slinky cuts, with wavy hair and middle partings! very model-esque.

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Xanga & Myspace.
Those were the days ..

Er, in terms of clothing I would say Ed Hardy & Abercrombie should be on their way out.

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Low rise jeans with exposed thongs and stomachs.

sweat pants with some "sexy" word on the butt. (Juicy etc)

Paris Hilton bling, tiaras, bitchy attitude, porn style

Extreme bronzing

Very obvious fake bling

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Probably for me the most unsavory thing about the decade was, as someone above mentioned, the explosion of reality television. It started with MTV and VH1 with The Real World then American Idol, and before you know it all the networks had their own version of a reality show.

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Indie rock music. It reached its peak in 2002-2004.

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Yeah, those hipster cobrasnake, misshapes style, also footballers wives styles (as described above).

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I know these re some really random observations, but 1) I just feel like posting and 2) everything else has been mentioned that I've thought of. This decade I've noticed a lot of layering. Sometimes it's the hobo-thing the Olsens started, but it's also in everyday-everyone-everywhere clothes. Guys put long sleeved shirts under short sleeved shirts and girls wear shirts, sometimes with an empire line, with a V-neck and a cami underneath. Also I've been seeing a lot of solid colors, shiny fabrics and sparkles/glitter lately, or maybe it's the Disney clothes.

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The 00s is known as the noughties or naughties.

Ugg boots are here to stay and skinny jeans although they were originally around in the sixties I think and then the eighties again.

I agree with everyone that said that the naughties were just a conglomeration of styles from previous decades and in some cases centuries.

Fashion moves a lot faster these days and I think we've seen the end of a defining style for an era in that way.

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outside the mainstream; goth/rivetpunk ala hot topic was huge the past decade. that whole black with floresant colored junk. lots of hardware, studded belts, wild hair colors, fake colored dreadfalls, huge platform wedges, tripp pants etc. now when i see mainstream designers putting studs on everything, i cringe. skulls! i dont remember skulls being trendy before 2000.

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ugg boots
skinny jeans
balenciaga bags
skull scarves
real tv

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I'll remember the past decade for crocs, platinum blonde hair, sunglasses bigger than your head and over-the-top tanning

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The Hipster decade lol, but that was more around the latter half.

what would be a good summation(sp) of the earlier part of the decade...The Boho, but that lasted a quick hot second lol.

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