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Originally Posted by Fewormany View Post
This thread needs some more love, it's so easy to only dislike things..

So here some things I like:
  • Smal/medium sized sunglasses.
  • Light colours (sand, grey, pastels).
  • Harem jeans/pants.
  • Brown (just not for myself).
  • Light denim jackets.
  • Contrasting denim on denim.
  • Monochrome oufits.
  • Minimalism.
  • Military influences.
  • Crisp shirts with rolled up sleaves.
Looking at some of these things you can say I'm a child of the nineties .
I completely agree with all of this! I also like rolled up dress pants and maxi skirts.

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flaunt the imperfection
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hard for me to get excited about much going on these days since there is so little originality...

and i don't mean that each person has to be different...
just that i'd like to see some different trends...

it's been quite the same for some time imho...
super 80's...and just getting more and more 80's from what i can tell...
with maybe a little early 90's grunge...

i feel like fashion is frozen!...
stuck like a needle on a record...
somebody please give the needle a nudge!...


"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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short rompers
socks with heels and flats
knee-high socks
solid color tights with dresses/skirts
riding boots and ankle boots
long, large pendant necklaces
high waist shorts
denim and powder blue button ups
southwestern jewelry and patterns (just not together)

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patterned tribal harrem pants,
baggy hareem jumpsutis,
rolled up pants,
man pants in camels and beiges and neautral colours,
laying white sheer fabrics,
camel colour,
super high nude wedges,

pritty much sums up what im wearing and loving atm


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front row
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sporty minimalism a la celine

oui, oui!!

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fashion icon
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Miu Miu prints
Tribal jewlery
Maxi dresses
Oxford shoes

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-Tribal prints (I like more of the authentic look than the name brands, however I find tribal prints to be beautiful in general)

- Loose printed tank tops

- Chiffon Blouses

- Navy blue dresses

- floral patterns (If it's not overly used... I don't think anyone wants to wind up looking like a flower garden...)

- vintage style prints on bags, tanks, shirts

- and always always always-- drapery. (I don't think I'll ever get sick of it)
I still love drop back dresses and shirts that swoop down into gorgeous drapery. I'll never tire of it

- High Heeled Sandals (If done right, not a huge fan of strap overkill... the key is keeping things minimal)

- Pastel tie-dyed Items

those are just a few... I've been in a very laid back mood recently, and it's reflected in my style (not in a sloppy way of course... I haven't brought out the sweatpants)
....I actually don't own any sweatpants. lol
Anyways, usually I'm not one to wear printed shirts/ tanktops.
But I bought this really cute loose fitted tank that has this vintage patterned bike that says Bonjour Paris underneath...
and I love it.

La Bella Vita ❧

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Riot Bug
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kind of partially agree with you softgrey

now its all a mix of decades on trends... remakes fitting more with this time in some cases?

"I don't know there's a code to live by it's almost like a code to dead by" C. Robinson
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rising star
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right now i'm into the 50s look with an edge. winged eyeliner, poufed hair and little nubby sweaters.

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I'm jumping aboard the 'high-waist' bandwagon.
I adore anything high-waisted, though truth be told it doesn't suit many body types.

Other favourites... anything sheer or have a monochrome palette (Alexander-Wang-light-grey is my current favourite!)

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Originally Posted by labellevie View Post
Sailor Skirt "Inspired" Pencil Skirts
like this
I love that

In terms of palettes I'm loving nudes and blues this summer

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
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Originally Posted by cluelessK View Post
I'm jumping aboard the 'high-waist' bandwagon.
I adore anything high-waisted, though truth be told it doesn't suit many body types.
I like high-waisted skirts, but not high-waisted jeans. Is that odd?

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Remember how much I've criticized open-toe/peep/toe boots as being a poor attempt at hybriding sandals/pumps and boots? Well, something's starting to grow on me, and that I'm seeing more of nowadays- sandal boots (including thong booties). I even got to somewhat appreciate sandal boots as I blogged about them. I've grown to appreciate tucking jeans into boots (after a few years), but the one thing I fear is seeing jeans being tucked into sandal boots.

But, sandal boots and thong booties are starting to grow on me much like rompers/playsuits.

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- heavy knits
- Rick Owens inspired leather jackets
- leather dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, etc.
- tweed shorts
- high heeled military style boots
- plateau pumps
- satchel bags

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I'm feeling capes at the moment. Like the American Apparel fleece one. For winter. At the moment I've been wearing a lot of socks & wide heeled shoes. & looking for gorgeous patterns on vintage shaped below the knee dresses.

Also kind of obsessed with the 70s at the moment. The logical step after 80s & 90s I guess. How original...

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