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-Pink hair (imo I'm not really into it)
-Stick on nail patterns (I think some look quite tacky)
-Wedge sneakers
-Denim on Denim

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i don't get the love for these sneakers that are made "fashionable" like the isabel marant bad
long military coats that no one looks good in either

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Wedge Sneakers
asymmetric hems

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*holds breath*

- Neon coloured jeans are just so disgusting. Any kind of printed trousers, even worse. Speaking of the colour neon, I also seem to hate pastels nowadays. So basically I only like black, white and neutral tones.
- Oxfords, peplum tops and Peter Pan collars have been ruined because they have been overdone at least where I live.
- The whole Isabel Marant look with the ugly printed t-shirt and leather pants with hideously ugly ankle boots. Isabel Marant used to be so effortless back in 2005. Also responsible for those odious wedge sneakers that other people have mentioned.
- Clunky platform heels. Especially paired with soft dresses. I'm sick of YSL Tributes. I prefer subtler heels like sandals. And yes, Mr. Blahnik knows all (referring to a comment several pages back).
- Speaking of ankle boots, I dislike any kind of ankle boot unless it's a simple black ankle boot. And even then, I hate it when people tuck their jeans into boots. That's such a pet peeve of mine that no one ever understands. It always looks more effortless underneath the jeans (like Charlotte Gainsbourg).
- I particularly hate lace-up ankle boots. Just hideous, but they seem to be so popular.
- Colour blocking. Go away.
- Dip dye hair. Though there is this one girl that I know that looks cute with it.
- Over Doc Martens. Never worn them but I always thought they looked stylish on Chloe Sevigny.
- Those ugly rise and fall hem skirts. I loved it when Olivier Theyskens and Tom Ford (for Nicole Kidman) did it. Years later, it has been transformed into Rihanna trend-whore crap. I once saw two girls wearing the same skirt at the train station (from Topshop nonetheless). They looked embarrassed.

I think I just hate trends in general. I hate that someone tells you to wear someone and sadly, people actually do it! And then they call it 'individuality' but I swear to god if you go to somewhere like Brick Lane, everyone looks the same. That's not individuality.

End rant.

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Spiked shoes. And I don't care if this upsets some people that I'm sick of them. I'm just doggone sick of seeing most of these. Studded shoes are okay; spiked shoes of any kind (sneakers, sandals, boots, loafers, etc.) are not. I would not even recommend any spiked shoes for any outfit. They are too overdone, as are most spiked garments items in general. Get 'em the [expletive] out.

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Originally Posted by LolaSvelt View Post
*holds breath*

- Bleached / white blonde hair. Unless that's your natural color obviously and your wardrobe's all minimal/black and you're really tall.. which is unlikely.
- Hitler's youth haircut. Especially the wet-looking kind. Whatever happened to hot, scruffy guys?
- Denim (esp. shirts and cutoffs, and excluding jeans)
- Tops with a see-through backs
- Mullet dresses
- Long skirts/dresses
- Striped bodycon skirts. UGH. So so tacky. I especially hate this as formal/office attire, paired up with some shirts and some jacket and pumps.. you're sure working the elegant means sexy look by showing no sense of texture and proportions.....

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Bright colours.
Coloured pants.
Girls wearing big messy buns.
Skinny jeans/pants.
High waisted shorts, unless you find some way of wearing it without looking like you're wearing a diaper.

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- wedge sneakers
- sheer blouses with studded collars
- stars, hearts, rainbows ... monkeys prints
- pastels
- jeans
- colour blocking
- navy
- cheap gold watches, worn with tons of other jewellery
- plaid
- metallics

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A few more:

- Leather pants (that whole Zara 'look' ZzZzZz...)
- Loafers (especially the studded and leopard print ones)
- Basically any hat except for the beanie and even caps are harmless to me. But I am sick of those floppy hats that make people look like they are dying to be an extra on Boardwalk Empire.

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Tory Burch flats. I'm sure they are comfortable and practical and come in so many colors, but about 50% of the women I see downtown every day are wearing them. The design is not that iconic, and it just makes you look like a drone, like men in light blue button-ups and khakis.

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The ridiculous "prints all over" look.

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Originally Posted by Heroin_Chic View Post
The ridiculous "prints all over" look.
Seconded. Especially when it looks like pyjamas. Also not liking grungy beanies, Lita's, scraggly long hair, frumpy AA pleated skirts, studs, sheer dresses layered only over underwear... pretty much 99% of what you might see on

And as for a less seasonal but more all-encompassing trend, I'm increasingly growing an aversion to low quality fabrics and poor construction. No more fast fashion for me. You freeze to death in the coats that are on sale these days. So thin!

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Nail art
And actually: LV bags in Zurich. I see so many of them that I really wished people would show at least some more creativity...

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^ i would be happy if i´d see authentic ones, but i am sick of seeing fake LV-Bags everywhere!

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cupcakes,macarons and holding starbucks ( if it's considered as trends lol)

et dieu créa Freja Beha...
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