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Trends You Are Sick Of #3 (November 2010 - September 2014)
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The Justin Bieber's haircut on kids and adults

Super high heels with a big platform in the front

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i hate when young girls (13-14 years) dress themselves as they were 20. srsly, it never passed through my mind to wear siletos at that age. And they even wear more make up than i do.
don't know if this just happens in Argentina or.. what? :S

im also sick of that "trashy style". I mean, i used to like it, but now is everywhere.
also sick of ray bans.

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shorts with leggings underneath for winter



this legging craze has gone too far

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^ I feel your pain, the look is deeply threatening to one's well being

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Low rider/hiphugger pants.

I want to tell them to pull their pants up and hide their cheeks, but then I realize there's nothing to pull up.

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I'm actually getting tired of the embellished tee shirts. And, while I love glitter and sequins, it just doesn't seem fresh anymore.

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nerd glasses. people need to stop using 3-D glasses when they don't even need it. used to be cute but not anymore

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those half opaque chanel shades. they need to be destroyed one by one.

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That whole Zara/blogger style with the navy Zara pants, oversized breton sweaters and brown wedge ankle boots. I see so many girls dressed like that at the moment and it gets so boring.

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Evening make up in the morning and hair so styled that look like wigs!
I don't know about where you live, but here in Greece almost all young girls walk around like that at the time! It's rediculous to see 15 year old girls to go to school made up like they're going clubbing!

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I'm really over one-shouldered dresses and those Grecian-style asymmetrical drapey dresses that are all over the red carpet.

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Everything shiny and sparkly. Maybe with the exception for a few black leather pieces (such as jackets or leggings).
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Originally Posted by Psylocke View Post
That whole Zara/blogger style with the navy Zara pants, oversized breton sweaters and brown wedge ankle boots. I see so many girls dressed like that at the moment and it gets so boring.
i came here to post this! seriously, i am SO sick of the blogger style. it's not stylish anymore when everyone wears this style. and i hate (!) these ugly slim lace up wedge shoes. please accept that this trend is o.v.e.r. and do something new for god's sake.

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platform shoes. I'm not a high wire circus performer, I need to be able to walk!

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Harem pants. Thought they were over but saw them today in a shop. Ugh!

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