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I would definitely say fake orange tans! Especially when the person's coloring makes it obvious that they should be fair-skinned (like Lindsay Lohan).

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Originally Posted by mikeijames
i still hate the idea of the ladylike trend. glad to see it didn't fully materialize.

me too, i love fashonable sluts, infact im not only a member of the fan club, im president. (cheese-tastic)


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Originally Posted by rainey
You speak the truth.
I am sick and tired of seeing the boots over trousers, get over it!!!
At first I liked the little frilly skirts but later it got to be too too much. The worst kind of overkill, plus some people should NOT be wearing those skirts.
Seriouslyy, Boots over pants isn't a trend. It's neccessary a lot of the time. People have been doing it for ever.
If there is snow, or puddles, or rain or whatever and you don't feel like getting the bottom of your pants completley soaked you tuck it into your boots.
There's nothing to ' get over '.

I think the worst trend no one has mentioned are scenesters with choppy black and bleach blonde hair.

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Originally Posted by Fashionista101
people carrying fake designer bags is a widespread epidemic.
completely agreed

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the north face fleeces.. EVERY people in my school wear them

classic uggs.. i admit that they're comfortable, but they're EVERYWHERE!! people in my school even wear them on the rainy day

fake LV & balenciaga bags.. i just HATE fake designer bags

the whole MKA-ish looks such as destroyed jeans, cowboy boots, western belts, long ethnic looking/pearl necklaces, etc.. i liked it in the beginning, but it's OVERLY popularized now

gold & silver metallic hobo bags.. i've seen them for over a year ugh

footless legging under denim mini skirt.. MKA-ish

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2004 is soooo ... last year :p Shouldn't this baby be locked up? And a new thread for 2005 started if we don't have one?

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UGGS and ponchos..


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^ ha thinking exacly the samething fashionista- ta..... hmmm maybe wait till dec and we'll have a few more - cause i think these things are (STILL) bad trends..... hmmm i can think of two: cowboy boots!!!!! and white tiered gypsy skirts vive le 2005

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I'm getting really fricken sick of 'rehab glasses.' Big glasses are fine. Glasses that take up three quarters of your face are most certainly not. I blame Mary-Kate for this one.

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This thread will be locked, there will be a new one made for Worst Trend of 2005.

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