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At one point they even had the same hair-style and color. lol^

Thank you for all these vintage pictures, also in the other threads, it's interesting to see how those beautiful women have changed throughout the years.
I don't like Gwyneth as a brunette for exemple.

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^Funny you say that, I saw an episode of Gilmore Girls yesterday and they made fun of Gwyneth Paltrow's brunette hair.

"Look, I'm not perfect, okay? People make mistakes. Gwyneth Paltrow dyed her hair that ridiculous shade of brown, it was very unflattering. If she's not perfect, then how on Earth do you expect me to be?"

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Originally Posted by Miss Dalloway View Post
God, she and Brad were an epic looking couple, that period he looked even more amazing.
Seriously. I love old celebrity photos

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Seeing the old pictures made me remember how much I used to like her. Some of those outfits are so iconic, she's such natural beauty. However, many of those outfits could have benefited from her wearing a bra/well-fitted bra. It's not a flattering look she had going on there. She also had questionable taste in shoes and that outfit in #74 when she was pregnant is probably one of the few times she's ever been vulgar

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She looked amazing with dark hair. She should really consider going dark again and ditching the yellow-blonde.

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despite the fact i didn't like that brown phase, i must say it did even more wonders for her facial structure. she's so pretty, gosh...lookin at all these pics it's amazing how much consistency she had all these years when it comes to good style, never looking outdated or vulgar and always with certain simplicity.

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Ooh I love a good vintage Gwyneth post.

I LOVE her white Calvin Klein Oscar dress from 96. Calvin was so much better in the 90s. The only thing I never like about her in the 90s was when she never wore a bra when she clearly needed one.

I loved the brown hair. She wore things that as a blonde she wouldn't have. Lots of Versace too.

LOLA I love that GG quote. I miss that show.

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She has always had great style and that lovely "flood" - provided by marjanthelion - of photos confirms that. I loved the brunette on her, actually. She wore that well. I also really like an ash blonde. I do not like her hair colour right now as I do find it too yellow. But she still looks great.

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I loved her hair in the few ocassions it was on the strawberry blonde side...I guess it was halfways from brunette.

If you look at the oldest pictures of the Brad era, you can see she had this kind of smirk that was quite annoying, but after seeing herself I guess she corrected that, she looked kind of b***chy.

She looks a lot sweeter now...

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Her black coat above (photos w/ Sir Philip Green) is Bird Juicy Couture

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Wow love looking back at the old pics, forgot about how many great looks she had in the 90s, for me the red velvet Gucci suit and blue snakeskin dress were both epic looks and some of my all-time favs

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Thank you and karma for the corbis vintage Gwyneth pictures. Some of those outfits will remain my favourite celebrity outfits of all time. She is so ******* fabulous with that 90's minimalism. It's such a perfect, clean style. My god! I love how in love her and Brad look there... Wow.

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looks so natural in that pic ^

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just jared

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