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6 Days Ago
Join Date: Oct 2014
Gender: femme
Posts: 28
Inka Williams
Thought I would start this thread and I will try to be as unbiased as possible despite my negative opinions (damn already lost my unbiased approach).

Before I start I would like to make it clear that I always check out the full situation and credibility of what I read and see before writing. I also want to mention that I have followed her instagram for 2 months to attain a wide overview purely so I can give a fair summary.

Ok so this is a girl living/ born in Indonesia and I believe she is fifteen years old. She is on a website which can be described as 'modelling agency', 'events production' and 'entertainment' Named Balistarz and she is listed as the following.

Height 170cm (5'6 3/4)
Bust 75cm
Waist 55cm
Hips 85cm
Eyes Brown

She has made quite a name for herself on instagram with a rather large follower count. I started this thread because I have seen a similar thing happen with Elizabeth Jane Bishop as well as Charlie Barker and many others.('instagram famous girls being signed to top agancies').

So! Here comes my opinions. She is really pretty! She has the kind of cute, pretty, commercial face that you'd see on little girls make your own jewellery kits and there is nothing wrong with that! But that is my problem, she isn't really high fashion in my opinion which kind of irritates me a tad! (I'll explain later don't panic). That mixed with her rather strong self confidence (in my opinion arrogance if I can say that? ).

To put it simply, after a scan of her (which she has deleted recently for whatever reason) I was disappointed. (videos of her swearing with her fellow friends, offensive replies she left to those asking her questions which must have rubbed her up the wrong way but seemed reasonably innocent ) but also a number of blog type paragraphs from her describing how in the future she will walk into a top agency and she will be signed and about how she can't wait for it to happen. This of course slightly irritated me because I know from knowledge of the fashion industry that being signed is really not as easy as that and the fact that from a young age she has felt herself that she will be signed just like that is a bit..kinda confident? Lets be honest you can't really 'plan' to be a model..

From what I can see she has built up her instagram through prolific self publicising. To the untrained eye (the majority of children/ teenage girls) it appears she is a 'top model' but realistically she is doing local homely shoots with some photographers. But this type of thing does attract (envious hormonal) teens who aspire to be 'models' and the followers stacks up. What does this mean? Ultimately agencies want to make money and will sign the 'social networking famous girls' who already have a large following of teens who have pocket money to spend.

Whether Inka Williams has already gone round all the top agencies or whether at some point they approach her, her popularity will be the predominant reason without a doubt. I think this because at her height she would just simply not be in demand (get work) when there are plenty of tall girls with a (better (sorry again)) more unusual look. 5'6 is like code for 5'4 and she even said herself that she is 5'4-5'5. The chances of her growing more than an inch at 15 is unlikely, especially considering her..uh..stage of development which she also discussed on her ask page.

Call me old fashioned but when I see a model hitting it big, I always read to see where they were scouted. I once read a story about how a 13 year old teen was stood at 5'11 behind a backstreet burger van and 2 months later was walking down top catwalk shows and in vogue. I love imagining that moment, as I'm sure many others do. For me the way agencies sign girls based on their popularity is rather frustrating for me. Kendall Jenner is getting a huge amount of work because of the following she had even before she started (being a Jenner and all )

I have seen her compared to Kate Moss in the comment section which for me is a huge no no no no no. no. just. no. Also I've seen a Lindsey Lohan comparison, Kendall Jenner, Gemma Ward, Miranda Kerr and many others which shows how inaccurate these comparisons are as every one of these people looks massively different. Personally, her look isn't the most unique (sorry ). Lots of girls are similar to her it's just that they don't do the prolific self publicising Inka has done.

I understand what I have said may be controversial but ultimately I feel I've had a good overview of the situation, and put it together with my years of experience of the modelling/ fashion industry and produced the start of this thread. Luckily to participate you need to have gone through an application process which is great because I won't get thousands of 12 year old fans threatening to cut off my fingers and such Feel free to add to this but please try not to add any hateful comments. I saw some of that on her instagram and although the people leaving hate seemed to know what they were talking about, it still is very unpleasant for Inka. So please if you have something to say go for it but keep it constructively critical/ pleasant if you can. All this helps add to my knowledge of the fashion industry and also helps greatly develop my interest in journalism which will be my dream career!


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6 Days Ago
Join Date: Oct 2014
Gender: femme
Posts: 28
Some photographs of her w/ credits-

(all on her public instagram page) (On each post there has been no mentioning of photographers, only the makes)

Photo 1- 'Peppermayo',
Photo 2- 'Akoia Swim'
Photo 3- 'One Love Ltd'
Photo 4- Her Personal Photograph
Photo 5- Her Personal Photograph
Photo 6- ‘Beginning Boutique’
Photo 7- ‘SaboSkirt’
Photo 8- Her Personal Photograph Wearing ‘Asos’ Piece
Photo 9- Her Personal Photograph
Photo 10- ‘Hunter Gatherer Jewelry’
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1and2.jpg (198.7 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg 3and4.jpg (168.1 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg 5and6.jpg (189.3 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg 7and8.jpg (138.4 KB, 1 views)
File Type: jpg 9and10.jpg (321.1 KB, 3 views)

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