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fashion insider
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Jennifer Lawrence (February 2013 - February 2014)
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i don't know if i can post this here but i found this picture on my facebook and i think it's amazing

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^ meant for ridicule but I seriously think it would make for a wonderful ad.

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There are tons of memes with that picture, my favorite is a scene from S&tC where Carrie says "I fell on Dior" LOL
Lots of gifs with Jack Nicholson also, my gosh she´s so cute and witty!!

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fashion insider
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I saw that pic on tumblr!

That is my favourite picture from this year's Oscars. It just looks so romantic and full of drama. I was a pretty big fan of hers before Oscar night but everything post Oscar has been so unbelievably charming that I'm an even bigger fan. Normally it goes the other way. I hope she doesn't change.

fashion insider
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They should use this as an add.

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she looks like cinderella!!

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I didn't really like the dress, but I love that she fell UP the stairs in it. ^_^

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That shot is actually a really beautiful picture. When I saw her in on the red carpet I thought of how that train would look on the stairs (I'm a sucker for a long train on stairs) if she did have to go up and the "fall" did more than justice to the dress. It shows the "folds" of the gown and at such a perfect moment, one that Dior has been wanting to capitalize on like crazy for years.

front row
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The most iconic and cinematic fall ever.

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I just watched Silver Linings Playbook and i'm sorry but she's didn't deserve the oscar imo..

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I love how that faux Dior ad is the first pic on her new thread.

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Originally Posted by liaa View Post
I just watched Silver Linings Playbook and i'm sorry but she's didn't deserve the oscar imo..
I really like her, and no doubts she will become a fantastic actress, but totally agree with you!

inspired contemplation
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I agree with others who say the fall really demonstrated the beauty of the dress!

I didn't watch any videos/live coverage of the Oscars and just saw some pics from the front, but when I watched the fall video you could really see the dress in motion and the train - so stunning. I think it looks great from the front as well but from behind, it's so beautiful.

fashion icon
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Even though I know it's a fake advertisement, a little part of me hopes that Dior makes one similar to it, the tagline could be something like, "Even life's silly moments are beautiful in Dior (just spitballing here, clearly this just proves I shouldn't try to make a career in advertising! )." Jennifer's little trip will probably become an iconic moment in Oscar history. And well, if you are going to take a spill, might as well have it happen while wearing Dior, right? It actually really showed off just how beautiful her gown was. She definitely made the right choice with that gown!

Here's a article about that infamous fall & that fake advert.
In what seemed like seconds, the meme-makers of the internet had a field day with Jennifer Lawrence's now-notorious tumble at the Oscars. Some of the memes, we admit, are hilarious ("Climb trees, can't climb stairs," and the weeping-princess comparisons, for example), while others were down-right mean. But, considering the Best Actress winner is also a fashion-industry favorite, it was only a matter of time before the emotional moment got the sartorial treatment.

Though her official print campaign for Miss Dior dropped just last week, Tumblr user i-nsan has given Raf Simons something to think about — an ad featuring the fall itself. While it's unlikely that Vogue will run the mock promo, the black-and-white version with a simple Christian Dior Paris logo could speak volumes: Here is a 22-year-old, who isn't perfect, but she looks ultra elegant even at her most vulnerable. And hey, who cares if they're selling something that's somewhat of a hazard, at least it's haute couture!

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I have only recently started following Jennifer Lawrence, and i think she's absolutely gorgeous. However I think that because of her charisma and personality. She is so hilarious. I think she has a long way to go fashion-wise (she looked great at the Oscars), particularly in her candid style.... but I also get the impression she isn't too fussed about fashion... which i guess adds to her appeal?

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