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that Preen outfit is gorgeous!!

I don't know
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Everything about that Preen outfit is fantastic except for the shiny material. Love the lipstick.

Originally Posted by Belowen View Post
By all accounts (from my friends in the beauty industry that have met her so far) she is utterly delightful and charming.
Happy to hear that!

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I love this! I love it so much!

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She looks so fresh and pretty in the latest look; her hair is nice like that. The top of the outfit is especially nice.

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All her looks in OZ have been fantastic but this is the best!!! Kate understands fashion, that's for sure. She looks beautiful, in fact, she's glowing. I think some people are confusing a happy, healthy partnership with co-dependency.

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So happy to see her in Preen , she looks fantastic !!

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What a fabulous amazing stunning and fresh Look. Suits her all over.

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The Preen outfit is gorgeous, its feminine yet tough.

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the Preen outfit is stellar!

i don't think i'm confusing a happy health partnership for co-dependency because i don't know either of them.....they could be in a fantastic place, and that would be great. i was merely commenting on how it seems, particularly in images (as that's all i see)... and when he showed up in that photo shoot i was like oh lordy....

but more power to them. being happy is good!

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Newly engaged actress Kate Bosworth talks to Vogue about her wedding plans.

SC: Tell me about your engagement ring.
KB: Itís from the 1920s and [fiancť Michael Polish] bought it at Fred Leighton in New York. Itís an Asscher cut, a perfect square, which was quite popular back then but thereís something quite modern about it. Itís cut into infinity so if you look down it keeps on going ... itís supposed to symbolise infinite love. Iím such a minimalist in a way that itís an interesting process of finding something that youíll wear every day.

SC: What is it like to be engaged?
KB: Iíve never been the type to think about weddings. I just prayed and hoped Iíd found the right person. I felt like Ė oh God, gotta find someone who can handle me! We are best friends and each other's greatest loves. We donít take one moment for granted. That is the greatest thing about having experiences that may have not worked out but when you find the right match, you realise why they were all wrong. But it was the perfect time and he has a 14-year-old daughter who is just beautiful and I love her and weíre a happy, happy family.

SC: Have you got any ideas about wedding make-up?
KB: I donít even know! I even donít have any ideas of what the dress might look like. I havenít planned anything. I just know the most important detail, which is the man. But itís true! Itís all I know!

SC: What do you want your wedding to be like?
KB: What I do know is that it will not be an uptight, formalised affair. I just want it to be a great party for everyone, and to have a communal celebration of friendship and love. I want to throw the greatest party for my friends. Itíll be informal; you can dance barefoot. It should be a good time Ė I donít want any stress involved. Iíve never really thrown a party. My birthday is January 2 so itís so close to New Year, itís always been an intimate thing.

SC: Whatís your relationship with Michaelís daughter like?
KB: Iíve never had a mentor, so I would like to be that to my stepdaughter because itís tough to navigate the world. I think as Iím settling into myself as a woman, Iíve realised how important it is to have a mentor as a young person, or all through life really, but I wish I had a mentor, because I was doing this since I was 14 so I could have benefited from that.

HAVING lived for some months in Sydney while shooting Superman Returns in 2005, actress Kate Bosworth says she will always hold a torch for our city.

The Hollywood star flew into Australia to promote her partnership with skincare brand SK-II during the week, bringing her fiance Michael Polish along to show him our harbour-town sights.

"Michael has never been here and this country inhabits such an intimate part of my heart," she told Confidential.

"I love this country and I've had some of my fondest memories here, so we did the Bondi to Bronte walk - which was something I did daily when I lived here.

She added: "One of my favourite places was called Kawa. I ate there all the time when I lived here, so we went there for lunch. "I'm so happy to be here, it's great when you revisit a place where around each corner holds such a fantastic memory and to share that with him."

While she credits SK-II face masks for her glow - "they are the biggest fix for jet lag" - she believes true beauty comes down to happiness.

With her SK-II contract, engagement and film Big Sur about to be released, she says she's the happiest she's ever been. And it shows.

"I love my work but everything is so much brighter with a partner and I am just truly blessed to have found mine in this lifetime."

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Sigh. I'm so gutted I couldn't go to the event at Myer but it's so nice to hear she's so down to earth and lovely.

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I love her look at Myer Sydney City, great outfit (but sure it wouldn't look good on everyone..) ,makeup and hair.

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Shes looking fab lately, she rocked the Preen outfit, she kept it clean and chic and the sequin sheath was gorg on her too.

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Kate Bosworth and film director fiance Michael Polish arrive at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 14, 2012. The 29-year-old actress is in town to start work on her upcoming movie Homefront, alongside Jason Statham, Winona Ryder, and James Franco.
Source: eyeprime.net

Photo(s) no longer available due to a copyright claim by BWP Media

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Looking to subdue her growling tummy, Kate Bosworth took a break from her filming duties on the set of her new project “Homefront” yesterday (October 16).

Photo(s) no longer available due to a copyright claim by BWP Media.

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