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Originally Posted by starsid33 View Post
and i hate when people talk about fashion as if it is some sort of rocket science or intricate piece of poetry that needs to be analyzed to death.
Haha, I love you!!

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Thanks for posting those vids. It is interesting that all these "making ofs" are being released now with regards to "commercials"!!! There was one for the Rachel Bilson ad too. And it is not just in fashion; I have seen it with tennis star commercials too, where there are "teasers" and "making ofs" for advertisements. It is rather strange imo!

Also listening to Kate there, talking, she really does sound a lot like Natalie Portman! Very similar speaking voices.

i love when we can all talk on here without it getting nasty haha. and learn a thing or two through somebody else's eyes.
Well said! We all have different views, and if we can discuss without attacking or defending it often leads to new ideas - loved reading both of your posts in that exchange: could see both sides, really.

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Cute videos. Loved her voice in the Cotton commercial and sweet take on Mother's Day traditions.

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The mother's day video was such a lovely one!
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my two cents - Kate has great style and an instinct for it, not to mention a great overall "look" to pull it off. However I agree that she comes off stilted and phony - I do think it's a product of being surrounded by "yes" people, not to mention a fashion and acting crowd where the Princeton admission type stuff stands out. Contrast this with Natalie, who actually attended and did very well at Harvard, an experience which no doubt must've grounded her as she was surrounded by other very smart people for an extended period of time. Kate is to the point where she thinks it's special to say stuff like "Paris has great bookstores.. and I love to read." Profound.

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Her style bores me to death lately, she can talk about her influences all she wants, I just don't see it. I definitely prefer the way she used to dress before she become all "prudent" about fashion and just wore whatever she felt like.

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Her style is the product of her stylist. meh. She cleans up well on the red carpet but her everyday "style" is blah now. IMO, it was a bit more interesting when she was with her last BF. I didn't watch those videos but the commercial was well done; however, it won't make me go out and buy clothing made from cotton. I won't comment on the singing.

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Originally Posted by starsid33 View Post
everything abt her just seems fake and like a big pretentious hoax. the people around her talking her up like shes some amazing human being does not help. ughh. i could appreciate her style if she didn't try so hard to exude this air of "im smart. im intelligent. did i mention i got accepted into princeton university in the 90s..." blah blah blah.

and i hate when people talk about fashion as if it is some sort of rocket science or intricate piece of poetry that needs to be analyzed to death. what is so terribly wrong with just saying "THIS LOOKED GOOD WITH THIS SO I PUT IT TOGETHER" why do celebrities who claim to be all fashion oriented need to justify their self-proclaimed sense of style by going on and on and on about the background story of what defines their "unique" personal style. like, honestly, does the world really care all that much?

i know im rambling at this point. forgive me.
you are golden.

I personally find her extremely try-hard, she is a complete tool and all but that does not change the fact that i enjoy her ensembles and i am curious enough to check her style choices, like a why-not for an inspiration.

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hahah thanks/kudos/much love to everyone who could find humor in my previous post and possibly even agree with me. id bet a lot of money that if her acting career were more solid at this point...then her occasional trip-ups in interviews would be overlooked. but when all you've got are cotton commercials and a self-righteous sense of style...then yea, people are gonna call you out on it.

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It was a little ridiculous to have that many videos discussing a 30 second cotten commercial. The discussion about the field/woods part I found particularly asinine.

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Front page on tFS today: Celebrity Trendspotting: Stars Stay Cool in Plaid

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oh DEAR i can't believe all the comments in this post. she's never come off as pretentious to me but maybe that's just because i appreciate someone who is interested in fashion for more than what will show off their cleavage/legs best.

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After reading the comments I finally broke down and watched those Cotton videos. LOL, yeah, it's just a freakin cotton commercial no need for the deep intellectual dissertation.

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I liked her style when she seemed more relaxed, but in general, I like how she puts herself together... she's usually quite cute!

Nowadays, I forget she's an actress. I feel like she should go back to focusing on acting... and maybe less so on fashion as much as I love browsing her thread. I really haven't seen anything big from her since that Kevin Spacey gambling movie.

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