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Kate Bosworth (March 2011 - August 2011)
This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here

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I'm loving most of her makeup at the premiere except for her eyebrows. They've drawn in above her natural eyebrow line in a really obvious way with a pencil that is quite orange and it looks bizarre. Not a huge fan of the hair either, I would have preferred something a little softer. The dress and shoes are beautiful though!

Cute red-carpet interview...

Kate visiting the Young Hollywood Studios (the third shot was before or after, Cher posted it on her twitter)
katebosworthforums/life/chercoulter @ twitter

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could u move this to IM thread.... yes i hate IM hype, but kate looks really nice in that casual sweater and i don't really care if that IM or f21....

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I love IM. But this woman sucks of life of Isabel Marant. She makes every single piece look insipid.

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Originally Posted by Les_Sucettes View Post
I love IM. But this woman sucks of life of Isabel Marant. She makes every single piece look insipid.



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i disagree. she did this with topshop a couple of years ago. i think she looks amazing in all of them

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I agree with you! She just looks lovely

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omg so many rude msgs about Kate!
Whats wrong ppl? Yeah she loves IM and she rocks it! Perfect model for this brand!

And she is actress and beautiful actress. maybe because of it she looks better in IM sweater than ordinary girl in the same stuff?

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I love Isabel Marant, and Kate is gorgeous and looks great in IM. However, I agree with what everyone's saying - IM saturation. I think real style is being selective and editing your wardrobe carefully, rather than wearing the same sweater in 4 different colours! She can do better!

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I love that jacket
She is so stunning even with no make up on!

Thanks heaps Alicia

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Love her jacket! Thanks for the pics


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Love the leather jacket. And she is not wearing Isabel Marant!

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I don't have a problem with someone knowing what they like fashion-wise. Getting a sweater you love in multiple colors seems perfectly normal and fine to me.

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In reply to #991: "I love her sunnies! Can anyone ID those? I would guess Isabel Marant but I don't think she designs sunglasses..."

I think they are whyred: http://www.whyred.se/website1/1.0.1....rod_grp-s1/356

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