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I guess we're not the only one's who feel this way about her lunch with Camilla...
Was that the right look for lunch, Kate?
Last updated at 12:18 PM on 11th February 2011
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Pictured out for lunch with her future step-mother-in-law Camilla this week, Kate Middleton revealed some surprising new twists to her appearance. Here, LIZ JONES dissects the details and gives her fashion verdict.

Style queen: Kate ups the fashion stakes in a Diane von Furstenberg dress but sticks to her thick tights
Kate has gorgeous hair. It’s arguably her greatest asset and her long, wavy style is now being copied by women across Britain.
So my question is: why try to improve on perfection? Because that’s what Kate’s hairdresser has done here, adding very noticeable highlights.
Hairdressers always try to get you to have highlights regardless of whether they improve the overall appearance, as they are expensive and high maintenance.

ANNE SHOOTER: Start dressing younger, Kate ***please see tFS community rules***
Kate gets her hair done at Richard Ward, who has a swanky salon on the King’s Road. I’ve only had my hair done there once and the team are so hip and pushy I can easily imagine Kate being intimidated.
She should try going to colourist Louise Galvin in Marylebone, who will gently restore her hair to its natural colour and sheen.
Kate does her own make-up, which is commendably frugal, not to mention brave, considering her status.
But in my opinion, she is hiding behind a little too much slap on this occasion, which serves to make her look old beyond her years.
She is blessed with large eyes, dewy skin and symmetrical features, yet has cloaked them with inches of foundation and eyeliner — the heavy kohl eyeliner is particularly harsh (remember Diana’s sooty eyes on Panorama?) and makes her big eyes seem smaller.
Her attractive features really don’t need more than tinted moisturiser and blusher, with a berry-coloured lip stain (her lips are too pale here, washing her out). However, the eyebrows have a good, strong shape, although they could be a little thicker to avoid looking over-plucked.
This is a lovely choice: a silk geometric slip by American designer Diane von Furstenberg, from her spring/summer 2011 collection.
It would have cost about £350 and, although I’d rather Kate wore British, at least she has the courage to splash out, rather than feel she has to stick to the High Street.
I adore you Kate, but I’m afraid I don’t go for this jacket from the up-market chain Whistles (currently available in the sale, down from £125 to £60). It’s too boxy and it doesn’t have a collar.
In my opinion, a black Burberry Prorsum biker would have really got William’s pulse racing. Yes, it might have cost a f ortune, but at least Burberry is British. Or failing that, how about a more boyish, comfortable blazer?
Oh, and sorry to sound so picky, but a jacket done up over a dress is just wrong.
The thick black tight has become something of a Kate signature and one I wish she could be weaned off.
Thick tights do not belong on a princess or a style leader. As the Wall Street Journal says: ‘Wearing sweater-knit tights, reminiscent of school yards and pinafores, could buttonhole you as someone’s assistant.’ Ouch! I’d rather see her in something sheer or even bare to show off her lovely legs, which seem to grow more slender by the day.

Bootiful: Kate does love her black, suede knee-length boots. She tends to alternate between an LK Bennett flat-heeled pair and some spike-heeled ones
Kate does love her black, suede knee-length boots and she wears this LK Bennett flat-heeled pair (which would have set her back about £300) almost as often as her spike-heeled ones.
For a bit more variety, I’d like to see her in some spike-heeled Jimmy Choos in a buttery colour or a pair of neon strappy sandals.

Good heir? Liz thinks Kate should ditch her new highlights
The clutch is Mulberry’s Bayswater Cosmetic Pouch in chocolate, £75. A great brand to choose, but I can’t help feeling a clutch is too small for the day and should only be seen at night. The modern gal about town needs a sloppy tote, filled with all the detritus of an exciting, jam-packed life. Hence why Kate has to carry her note book separately.
The note book is from Smythson (where SamCam used to be style director) and is bound in purple crocodile-effect leather — a classy choice in an age when most girls in their 20s use iPads, iPhones and BlackBerries for keeping track of events.
Good news for Copy-Kates: it’s currently available in the Smythson, for £195
Kate seems to be at a crossroads. On the one hand, she’s still clinging on to the slightly scruffy boots, thick tights and short skirts of her 20- something free-spirited days — on the other, she’s also trying to get to grips with a smarter, more formal look.
The two halves of this split personality are clashing, which is why she looks a little uncomfortable: the careful holding of the bag, the arm across her chest.
Camilla might have been offering Kate a word of advice on royal etiquette, but here is mine on her style: Kate, you are young and stunning. Funk it up a little — sling on a Burberry biker, pull that mane into a high ponytail and have fun with the young, super-talented British designers.
Show the young women of Britain there is a halfway house between looking too tarty and wearing twinsets and pearls.
The Daily Mail

"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

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Fashion advice from the Daily Mail...that's ironic

and this

This is a lovely choice: a silk geometric slip by American designer Diane von Furstenberg, from her spring/summer 2011 collection.
It would have cost about £350 and, although Iíd rather Kate wore British, at least she has the courage to splash out, rather than feel she has to stick to the High Street.
I adore you Kate, but Iím afraid I donít go for this jacket from the up-market chain Whistles a black Burberry Prorsum biker would have really got Williamís pulse racing. Yes, it might have cost a f ortune, but at least Burberry is British. Or failing that, how about a more boyish, comfortable blazer?
Get over it! I loathe comments like this, and the way it's worded just comes across as offensive but it's the DM for you. And then there's the fact that Kate usually (or always?) wears nothing but British fashions

inspired contemplation
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The thing is - that Whistles jacket is actually quite cute in person. And I'm not against the shape of it on her - I think it looks good. But it really doesn't go with the dress and tights and of course, the ever present hideous boots.

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Valid points being made here ... the highlights actually look like greys, and she does look horribly tired & about 15 years older than she is. The eyeliner looks like a new liquid one? Trash it ... personally I love Chanel cake liner, you can futz with it to make it subtle. (I know that would be a new concept ...)

See nothing wrong with the tights. The sheer black ones she wore awhile back with a white skirt looked awful. Tights should be opaque ... and many fashion leaders wear them just that way, surely.

I think it would be a nice touch to coordinate the jacket and dress in some way ...

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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I agree. This last look is not so great. I like the jacket...but not with the dress. She is very hit or miss for me. And this was a miss.

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Posh fashion fit for a princess? Victoria Beckham to send selection of dresses to newest fan Kate Middleton

From Reiss to Issa, every item Kate Middleton has worn since her engagement has been an instant sellout. So it is no surprise that Victoria Beckham was thrilled when a representative for the future princess sent a request for some dresses to her studio.

The Spice Girl-turned-designer revealed today that she would be sending a selection of items from her current spring/summer collection to the bride-to-be.
Mrs Beckham, 36, who is four-and-a-half months pregnant with her fourth child, was speaking at a preview of her autumn/winter 2011 line at New York Fashion Week.

'Apparently, she likes my clothes and has asked to see a selection. It will be from my current spring/summer collection,' she told the Daily Telegraph.

'It's tremendously exciting and I would be honoured if she were to wear my designs. I admire her tremendously.

'She's a beautiful young girl, she has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully.'


Iowa Girl Loves Fashion
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^ Thanks especially for that bit... she would look wonderful in her dresses. Course, I think many would...

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I agree, VB dresses would be a good fit for Kate.

"Only boring people are bored" Betty Draper
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I think some of last season's collection would look better on Kate than the new one

Still, I hope it's true, it would be a huge step in the right direction

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I agree - we can only hope that Kate will actually wear the dresses. But knowing her, she will probably slip her suede boots on with them.

Regardless, I think VB dresses would suit Kate's frame so let's hope that she actually wears them!

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you know you have terrible style when the DM's efforts are better than yours (no matter how marginally)

That's how to be a style queen!

LIZ JONES shows Kate what she should REALLY be wearing...

Well, I think Kate looked lovely, a mum from Somerset emailed me on Friday, after my piece in the Mail dissecting our future Queen’s lunchtime outfit.

I had criticised the black woolly tights that mean Kate can never be taken seriously, the hideous zipped straitjacket, the too-short print DVF dress, the reliance on black and the clutch that is too small for a busy young woman.
Oh dear. It’s a wonder Kate will ever emerge again. What on earth am I doing for her self-esteem?

But my motto is: criticism is fine, as long as it is constructive.
So, Kate, you are wonderful, a goddess for our times.
But here are some notes on your sandals, skinny jeans and sales-conference black low heels.


LEFT: The jacket is too boxy and should never be done up over a dress.
The black suede boots are too wintry, and thick tights not sophisticated enough for someone who is a public figure

RIGHT: A pretty floral dress teamed with a trench and bare legs would look far more sophisticated.


LEFT: I hate this dress, the boxy sales conference jacket, the super boring shoes. Accessories need to zing.

RIGHT: Why not wear a chic cream cocktail dress with a statement clutch and shoes?

The problem is that she doesn’t quite realise the power of her own beauty.
When you have her face and figure, you can go a little bit crazy and still look classy.
Kate is young, so why the monochrome outfits and black accessories?

I would love to see her adopt accessories in nude, patent and marabou feathers, plus high, strappy shoes.

And why the dreary shapes?
Why does she wear edge-to-edge coats, which are more at home on her stepmother-in-law to-be, and sack-shaped shifts? Draping only disguises that tiny waist.

Why not a body-con dress from Herve Leger or Christopher Kane in an eye-popping colour?
Or a simple, nude tank in a fabulous fabric, the sort Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore so well?


This almost works, but the skirt is too shiny, and I would have liked a paler camisole top rather than
something black and jersey. She needs to lose the white bag — has she not heard nude is the new white?

RIGHT: This maxi is young and sexy, without exposing too much flesh

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Kate has chosen black, by London label Libelula, but again she is dressing a little bit beyond her years. Why not choose neon, or navy, and make the most of that tiny waist and ample bust? She has plenty of
years ahead of her in which to play safe.

RIGHT: The lace top we've dressed her in is ladylike, but on trend, too, while the skirt emphasises a tiny waist.

Kate is doing that classic young British woman thing: heady from too much choice on the High Street, she veers from one unflattering style to another, and then clings to traditional granny wear for more formal occasions.

She needs to throw away everything she owns and challenge our fabulous young designers ó Jonathan Saunders, Osman Yousefzada ó to show just what they can do.

Summon John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Sarah Burton at McQueen for formal outfits.

Kate must ignore all the naysayers who will criticise the so-called extravagance.


LEFT: I actually like this skirt: the length is just right. I love the shape and the fact the lace gives a glimpse of her thigh. But the jacket is too fussy and borders on costume, and the shoes are too low, and too matchy matchy.
Loving the bare legs, though

RIGHT: Our look is less fussy and far more flattering. A cool, over-sized clutch finishes the look.


LEFT: My least favourite outfit of all time: the Cath Kidston retro print, the tiny pink cardie, the awful red bag. Kate could be a world-class ambassador for homegrown fashion talent if she would go with her instincts and
be assertive rather than girly.

RIGHT: This dress is a far bolder take on the floral trend. Floral dress, £65, oasis-stores.com.

The moment that Michelle Obama started to embrace high-end designers such as Phillip Lim she kickstarted the entire home-grown fashion industry.

Kate is being badly let down at the moment in the fashion stakes: there is too much black, too much black suede, and velvet and floral sprigs. With just a very few tweaks, she could be a world-beating knockout.

So, weíve dressed our Kate lookalike in the sort of outfits weíd love to see the real Kate in. Let the metamorphosis begin!

LEFT: Kate has fantastic legs, so why the dreadful boots? You have to be careful when wearing a sequin mini: the jewellery needs to be real, and you need to tone down the makeup and hair

RIGHT: Sleek hair and snakeskin peep-toes make this look work.

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^I think some of the pictures haven't posted but I just saw that DM article and yes, they got it right more than Kate. I can't believe people call her a fashion icon. She needs to take some lessons and quick.

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Very quick I must say!!

fashion elite
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Yeah the model looked much better but I think a lot of people and magazine will call her style/fashion icon simply because they want a young royal to be excited about.

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