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Kristen Stewart (November 2012 - May 2014)
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i don't even know how i feel about this, but initial impressions are it's not flattering

Last edited by HeatherAnne; 14-11-2012 at 01:55 PM.
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beedonaldson's Avatar
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Yikes. My first impressions were "Vegas" and "Cher." I loved the Zuhair dress, but I'm not a fan of this.

tfs star
before's Avatar
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Lol, what is that? Almost wish she'd go back to her skin tight mini-dresses.

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:blink: I first I so it was a dress and I kinda like. It but seing it's pant I'm ont sure about this outfit...The back is weird:o

HeatherAnne's Avatar
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Look at the heart shaped butt design on it, and the way the crouch is covered in the same manner. F-ing tacky to the extreme.


kokobombon's Avatar
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hmm... from the back it looks quite vulgar...

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I wish she would just own up to her try hardness when it comes to appearance, it would at least make this mess a bit more endearing.

fashion elite
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Originally Posted by beedonaldson View Post
Yikes. My first impressions were "Vegas" and "Cher." I loved the Zuhair dress, but I'm not a fan of this.
same here! that outfit is definitely a big miss for me! Don't like it at all... I loved the look at the L.A. premiere but this is just

rising star
disenchanted's Avatar
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Vegas and Cher Good one...I really, really dont like is nice but that's it

Label Basher's Avatar
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I think she looks awesome in the jumpsuit. Yes the "heart shape" at the back is a bit lame but overall she looks fantastic. I also love the messy hair.

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what is going on with her??? her outfit choices for the twilight red carpet astonish and confuse me at the same time?! she probably thinks nothing is sacred anymore (privacy-wise) so she's just going the whole hog now. and i can't decide right now if that's really smart or very very retrograde.

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Reminds me a lot of a extra fancy version of Emma Stone's Elie Saab she wore while promoting Spiderman. This wouldn't be so gaudy/tacky if it wasn't for the side stripes of lace, lace at the toe of the pant, and the heart cut of the butt portion. From the front, I like it.

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Absolutely vile lol

Join Date: Dec 2009
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She has been looking quite vulgar lately!
I get she is trying this new "sexy" mode, but it doesn't work for her and makes her look very cheap

artoholic's Avatar
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This outfit does absolutely no favor to her figure.
The shots of her behind with the underwear when she wore the Zuhair weren't very sophisticated either...

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