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Originally posted by whereisthatsusu@Apr 18th, 2004 - 2:04 am
but my friends and i write letters, but hand them to each other personally...so i'll say that is my fav
same here. it's fun. & they're always fun to read later

i like postcards & letters in fat envelopes w/lotsa goodies inside

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Melody Nelson
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Fashion show DVD's

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*packages that contain:
-birthday gifts (digicams, cell phones, etc)

*invites to launch parties

*lookbooks cause they make life easier

*personal letters. but since email those have become rare


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backstage pass
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This is funny!

I am probably the person who enjoys keeping in touch via postcards because...
1. I travel and can't always email wherever I am
2. I love getting postcards and I always think my friends appreciate a card from a friend besides getting their usual bills
3. It's fun to update them on what's going on.
4. I love hearing from them when they receive my postcards =)

So yes i love postcards, letters, packages, and magazines

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Personal letters, of course! I lived in Ottawa for two years, where I was pretty lonely, and the long letters from Toronto were one of the things that helped me get through it. Delicious thick packages... It's kind of sad that people don't really use "snail mail" that much anymore. My favourite letter ever though would have to have been a more recent one that was packed with little random bits... I not only got the expected letter, but also a purple hair elastic, pieces of candy and a Kleenex to block out my sister. Wonderful!

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Originally posted by tgp@Apr 18th, 2004 - 9:29 am
magazines, personal letters, invitations!!, and catalogs.
Same here. Care packages as well!

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Iowa Girl Loves Fashion
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Items from Ebay.

Pinterest * Twitter
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fashion insider
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Right now I am waiting to hear from colleges I applied for transfer to. So those - (no matter what the respnse I just want to know!) and magazines, catalogs, and letters.

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I love model_mom!
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I love getting anything in the mail except for bills! The exictement! Magazines especially!

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backstage pass
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I love to get mail! Anything works as long as it isn't junk mail (or stuff from colleges that I've been getting since the PSATs --I call it my fan mail ). Letters are my favorites, especially long ones.

I save all of my personal letters and cards. I love to look through them later. Letters are especially important on my mom's side of the family, and my aunt just compiled a huuuge book for my grandfather of all of the letters he's sent her throughout the years. It's beautiful! So many memories and funny tidbits...

Weirdest mail-related occurrence that comes to mind: When I was younger, I went to this one camp for two sessions in a row, and my friend from the first session promised to write me a letter. When I got it, the envelope was in a plastic mail service bag that said something like 'we're sorry, your mail has been damaged in transit' and the envelope was kind of beaten up. There were several lumps inside that turned out to be a couple of pieces of candy (something like a tootsie roll and...whatever), but she said something like 'enjoy the candy necklace' (she was very specific about the contents, but with no tootsie roll references). The flap on the envelope did look altered...I remember wondering why they had opened my letter (bomb check? ) and what had happened. "Phew, no bomb--hey, a candy necklace!" "Let's replace it with these nasty tootsie rolls. She'll never know." Looking back, they probably thought it contained some type of drug, but never mind. Needless to say, I never ate the candy.

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Fierce Flava
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I enjoy receiving invites, packages and magazines and cards on holidays..but

the best mail would be

cards/letters that are written for no ocassion, just because you came into mind. They thought of you and just wanted to write you a letter...I think those light up my whole week when I get those...

ALso cards from mom...those are always great.

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Let's see:

long, newsy letters (those are rare these days, which makes them even more valuable!)

postcards (especially witty ones from my best friend)

thank you notes (also very rare these days)

invitations (especially the ones with a diplomatic seal )

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Love letters

'Youve' won letters!!' (but those where you actually win),birthday cards,invitations

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tfs star
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i love mail that is addressed to me and is not junk mail/ or a credit card offer.

i love packages. large and small.

i love cards... letters... magazines...

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i guess i'm the only one...but i love getting a check...or better yet...two...

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