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Originally posted by softgrey@Nov 7 2004, 12:45 AM
kragirl...it may be longer if more of african americans don't get the hell out there and become more poilitically aware and active...we're sliding backwards here... all the minorities are going to have to stick together to make a majority...

and marcxcore...i believe that this reality tv would fall under the heading of'popular culture'...an area in which, as you have noted, the u.s. has made some contributions...

to get all high and mighty in a thread about a 'reality show' featuring men dressed as women which is clearly intended for laughs is rather ridiculous...no one is claiming it to be a great work of art...

perhaps the word 'popular'...should be inserted into the title... that would seem more appropriate...
But see that's the thing, most of us feel like it's all for nothing and we don't matter and the fact that so many of have been raised by people from the baby-booming generation or the generation before that where they pass ideas like that into our heads. And that since most from the baby-boomer generation, that were born black, tell stories of hardship and struggle during the C. Rights movement and that's why we young afro-americans from the x and y generations have a negative attitude towards politics since about 80% of Congress is filled with whites and have always been that way or the percentage may have been higher in the past. Ever since Martin and Malcolm were shot, there was this deep sense of "Why are we even bothering to fight if so many of us will not live to see any progres whatsoever?" If most of us knew about the electoral college system back in '00 there's a chance that many of us would have gotten off our asses and voted for Gore. Though that may not be an excuse, still movies like Malcolm X, The Color Purple, Roots, and Amistad still give fire to those who don't give a rats'two **** about politics.

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Originally posted by marcXcore@Oct 24 2004, 07:32 PM

Seems almost an oxymoron to me.

Maybe it's better if we don't put down people or cultures.

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