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Iron Man 3.
It was fun to go to the cinema, as I hadn't been since Skyfall came to my local cinema, but the film wasn't very good. The plot was a veritable Swiss cheese in terms of holes.

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Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009)

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The Great Gatsby.

It's a visual spectacle, but the story is mediocre unfortunately.

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This is 40. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it did make me laugh. It's all that matters sometimes, right?

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Warm Bodies (2013)

So romantic a zombie kind of way

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Originally Posted by YoninahAliza View Post
I've just come back from the theater after seeing The Place Beyond The Pines and holy smokes I agree with everything you've said. My sister and I agreed that it was a bit weird at times to watch because we would recognize some of the locations where it was shot and some of the people in the film. While I'm not from Schenectady I have a lot of ties to the area so it was interesting to see how they portrayed it. We also felt it was a bit of a "burner film" in that it's quite long and takes its time telling the story, rather then rushing and being like an hour and a half film. But I appreciated that aspect of the film. And the way the stories were woven together was wonderful. I really liked how it explored themes like fatherhood, corruption, and masculinity throughout the film. And the actor who played Ryan Gosling's son in the film, I swear to god, looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio (and he gave a brilliant performance too).
Yeah, I think this film, the director and all the actors deserve all of the acclaim they get. I'm not a fan of anyone in the film (never really cared for actors), but they're all really really good. So many films and actors are hyped to the heavens, and when I finally see the film-- it's noting special, memorable or even interesting. But this film... got under my skin. The characters behave like what I believe real people would behave like, if they were in these characters' situations. And yet, there's a heightened sense of realism-- but never hyper-realism. The director is very skilled in telling a potent and intense story, while still being able to keep it very human-- very relatable.

Ryan's Drive was extremely overhyped to me. After seeing it, I don't remember much of it. But this... this disturbed, saddened and had me feeling melancholic for the characters-- particularly Ryan's. His and Eva's story was real, sad, and the most powerful to me. Eva was so good; I felt her burdened, resigned and exhausted acceptance of her life, and felt genuine happiness for her when she smiled. That small scene with her and Ryan and their baby outside a convenience store having their picture snapped-- a moment of happiness, and that crumpled picture to be discovered by their son 15 years later as a saving grace of sort, for him-- and literally for Bradley's character, was so heart-wrenching and uplifting at once.

You're right: It's such a sincere and careful study of men, of what it means to be a man, of masculinity-- all these signifiers of manhood, but it never quite verges on stereotypes, or caricatures. (When Bradley's character wisely drives off instead of meeting Ray's corrupt officer in the pines, I felt relieved-- like, finally, someone in a film that actually does something intelligent!)

This is really a beautiful film with such skilled storytelling. It's so effortless, I was mesmerized.

(Totally agree that kid really looks like a young Leonardo in What's Eating Gilbert Grape... before he became the most overhyped actor/product/brand. But the one playing Bradley's sone was incredible to me: He looks and behaves very much like a "real" teenager: arrogant, annoying, bullying, insecure, wannabe, frustrated, a menace... God-- the characters are extremely well-written and spectacular performances by all without the typical "Hollywood" mugging.)

Back on topic:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

An animated film that's leagues and leagues better than George Lucas' own helmed Prequels combined. How truly embarrassing it must be for him that animated characters are more interesting and better "actors" than what he wrangled out of real actors for his Prequels. Not to mention better direction, storytelling, and exciting and inventive choreography and cinematography. George Lucas is such a talentless hack.

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Iron Man 3 - Did not live up to its hype and I felt the storyline was very poorly written.
The Great Gatsby (2013) - It was good, but I was not blown away.


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Helter Skelter (2012)

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Mean Streets - can't believe I never saw it before. Now rectified!

Little Norse Prince - Highly influential Japanese anime featuring some very early work by Hayao Miyazaki. It shows how animation in Japan began to move away from the Disney template. You can see the formative elements that later made Studio Ghibli so successful.

Lawless - Great cast. Didn't quite catch light for me. Found Guy Pearce's villain a little too over-the-top but it's supposedly based on a true story so who knows how much actually happened.

Star Trek Into Darkness - mostly enjoyable but too much overt reference to past triumphs smacks of a lack of originality.

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To the Wonder

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The Red Shoes
Star Trek Into Darkness

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Mr. Bean's Holiday - A funny and enjoyable yet flawed movie.

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Despicable Me - Cute movie

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The Great Gatsby (2013)

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Moulin Rouge
Jack Reacher

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