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Looking back at my predictions above, I got 17 out of 21 right. Did pretty well in my tech categories, less so in the 'main' categories. I missed Director, S.Actor, O.Screenplay and Art Direction. Screenplay miss was my fault for failing to see the obvious. Director and S.Actor were very open categories so no shame there. And Art Direction was kind of a surprise given Lincoln's lack of support elsewhere.

I thought the ceremony was a bore. Save for an exciting moment here and there (AN ACTUAL TIE, Jennifer Lawrence's and Adele's wins, etc) it was the most bored I had ever been during the Oscars. Did not care for Seth as the host, even though I generally like him. All those musical number did nothing for me. Generally predictable wins. Lack of exciting fashion look (again, save fore Jen Lawrence).

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I got 12 right!! I'm most excited about the following:

1. All of Django Unchained's wins! I really loved this movie, so it was great to see it get recognition, especially the Original Screenplay win for QT.

2. Everything Argo won!! So deserved!! I know a lot people think they were pity wins, but this film was legitimately BRILLIANT! It was such a great movie watching experience for me.

3. Amour for Best Foreign Film! So happy it got at least one award!

4. Searching for Sugarman for Documentary...I predicted "How to Survive a Plague" would win, because it seemed more like what the Academy voters would go for. However, I'm SO happy Searching for Sugarman won it!!

5. Anne Hathaway! It was obviously going to happen at some point in her career, so I'm so happy she got it for this role. Her performance was so real, raw, and just heartbreaking.

6. Skyfall!! I'm so happy it got at least two awards. They are so deserved. Big films tend to get limited recognition from the Academy, so it was nice they didn't completely snub it. The film was beautifully made. It should have gotten Best Cinematography.

The win that probably annoyed me the most was definitely Jennifer Lawrence.
She was wonderful in SLB, but I think she will undoubtedly be nominated again for better performances. The other nominees (in particular, Riva and Naomi Watts) had much stronger performances in my opinion.

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I won the office poll. I only got 5 wrong. And I think I may have been the only female so woo girl power. I was kicking myself cause I had Ang Lee and Brave in their categories and swapped at the last minute before I sent it off. So stupid.

So happy for Argo, QT, Adele, Anne, Amour, Waltz, Brave and Jennifer. It was kind of cool how it was spread out and most films got one or two.

Seth was alright. Yes he said some really dumbass things but it was to be expected. It's Seth.

Weirdest part for me was Michelle Obama. Sorry but I still don't understand why she made an appearance. I just don't get it.

ROBBER - Get down on the ground. Face down. C'mon. CHER - Oh, no. You don't understand, this is an Alaďa.
ROBBER - An a-what-a?
CHER - It's like a totally important designer.
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I agree, it was so boring. I actualy like Seth but he was not the right host (and I was very exited for him). The opening number was bad, no actual jokes about the films and instead very random things. I know it was kind of sexist but I found the breast thing kind of funny - tje Jennifer part was hilarious, I wish there were more actresses doing it since they were pretty much all there. The Sally part was also fun mainly when he says that Anne is going to win.
Tina and Amy for next year (as they said).

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It was kind of unexpected that Argo would win, but I'm still not very happy with it. For one, it got the story completely wrong. For another, it was a rather unremarkable film. Films like that just come out all the time and there wasn't even much suspense for me because everyone knows the ending. In all honesty, I can't see it as more than a very average propaganda piece.

I'm quite glad Life of Pi won for director. I was skeptical before I watched it but it was thought-provoking, visually beautiful, and something different from what we normally see. I think it's great for a director to be rewarded for successfully handling a challenge.

I know DDL winning was a given, but I was secretly kind of hoping Hugh Jackman (and even Denzel Washington) would win. The clip they showed before announcing best actor made me tear up a little. I think the acting categories this year were just so strong, and there are so many actors I would love to see win.

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