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papalevante.. actually i saw that ending!!! i wonder what the theatrical ending is? could someone please explain? haha sorry, i thought i saw it but i actually saw the real one.

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Bascially she tabs him and throws his body to the camera. I think she sniffs him or something (I watched the crappy version on youtube) and looks at the camera in a very creepy way. She was possessed of course.

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Just seen it today and I was hiding under my hood most the time. Everyone is the cinema was jumping and screaming.

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oh! darling
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^ I was that for two days after I saw it. I tried to convince myself during the daylight hours that I would be okay, but I was freaking out at night.

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front row
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It was the only movie i have ever been in that the whole theatre has jumped! especially at the end

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I went to see it with my sister and her partner last week. Honestly, considering the enormity of the hype surrounding it, I wasn't that impressed. That isn't to say I thought it was bad, I just didn't think it was as good or as scary as reputed.

It was all very Blair Which Project, which I'm sure is a connection I'm not alone in having made. There were some neat tricks and even a few scares in the movie. The sound environment was really the highlight of it all; thank goodness for those "low key buzzes" that always preceded the supernatural events, or else I might've been more frightened and taken aback by what was happening. Most of the theater was feelin' it, though. And the end scene had the entire row I was sitting in jump in their seats; heck, some girl even screamed. Even I was startled. The screams were the most chilling.

Funnily enough, even though I wasn't as freaked out as I could've been at the end of the movie, the following night I had some trouble falling asleep, and just as I was slipping into a dream, there was this really loud snap that came from my bookshelf a few meters away, and I swear to God I nearly seized right there. lmao

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I wasn't too scared about it all.. although I did get freaked out during the scenes where she's just staring at him.

I would like to see the alternate ending.. that would be freaky

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Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) | Official Teaser for the Trailer

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